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Why Donald Trump Is One of the Most Popular Persons in America Now

Actually, I dare say that old Donald is just about the most popular person amongst the non-Muslims in ye good ole US of A.... .....Amongst those who hate him and those who love him.

Pour quoi?  Because those who love him.... Well, agree with him.  And those who hate him, can pretend to be great egalitarians in their condemnation of him - just like how the war against the Nazis enabled much of the west to cast themselves as our saviours in the face of transnational belligerence and gross racism whilst they were doing likewise globally but less obviously so.

Come on man. Lets be honest here.  Nobody is saying much about how terrorism, in essence, is retaliation.

Or how the selective application of the term inoculates the west from the examination of their complicity in the production of these dire state of affairs.

Nobody is fussing over the deaths of half a million children in Iraq via US-UK embargoes in the 10 years preceding 9/11 as much as they are over the recent attacks in France.

I could give more examples, but methinks you get the gist.  Blatant racism always enables us to make ourselves feel good in our stern and self-righteous opposition to it.  And that, oftentimes, keeps the path well-tarred for the perpetuation of internalised and normalised racism.

Remember.  If it wasn't for the latter, it's more blatant counterpart wouldn't exist most times.



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