on Abortion, in brief...

Ed: When you are pregnant, your body belongs to the child as well.

The woman's ' choice' is only half as relevant or significant. In the case of triplets.... Well, you do the arithmetic.

Ed: How is it that people here care more about goddamn dogs then unborn babies?!?!

Lyndsay: Hmm perhaps because dogs are breathing on their own as a fully formed being in the world not inside anyones stomach? They arent just a clump of cells in someone elses bodily organ that would cease to be if anything happened to that host.

Elizabeth: Dogs think and feel and communicate on some level.

Kai Meiling: They also taste better

Ed: You guys are missing the point.

What is a dog's potential? Will it one day become a talking, voting, loving, creative, intelligent, empathetic, multicultural, philosophic, religious, insightful, wise....person?

Every baby you kill in the womb has the potential for all of that. Do you toss out a seed because it has yet to bloom? In potential, a dog pales in comparison. 

Go Think.


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