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Eurofeminism and Topless Rights

My response to the issue of women's rights in the middle east and dialogue form.

Nizam: I think its all about men dominating women in our society & justifying it. They want to tell us that Western women or any other are cheap & easy because they wear less.

Ed: Well, i'm definitely against treating women as 2nd class. What women should do there is demand equal rights. But by making their protests, demeanour, and expressions similar to western women, they are just playing into the hands of those who want to demonise feminism as a whole by terming it a westernised enterprise.

As for western women being portrayed as 'cheap and easy', that's not far from the truth, comparatively speaking. Wearing less is a sign of focus on sexuality as opposed to anything else. The west is pretty much primitive in this and other respects. We will fail to see this if we cast aside our own standards and just view the western standard as the standard for all things.

The western version of 'freedom' is hedonism, consumerism, and materialism, and sexual freedom. In other words, viewing everyone and oneself as a commodity. It is nothing about the freedom to become spiritual, or intelligent, or 2nd guessing the corporations, celebs, royalty, or elite. These are propensities that are themselves promoted successfully by their corporations, and their own spirituality-devoid histories.

Hence, they are making sense of freedom not from what they can humanly be, but what they have been trained not to appreciate, and trained to ignore in all other cultures as they view themselves as the summum bonum of the idea of 'civilisation'.

Given the host of human potentials and the potentials of women, to view overt sexuality and promiscuity as 'freedom of expression' indicates the relocation of the western mind to their pubic regions. A sure sign of a degenerate civilisation when we compare it to the beautiful modesty of more spiritually advanced regions of the planet.

What the world needs is a feminism that keeps alive the beautiful aspects of various cultures rather than toss both the good and bad of their cultures out so that all that comes from the culturally-inbred west is confused for good whether good or bad.

when women turn into sluts, we will turn into pricks, because there is no market for our better selves. We need women to remind us of our better natures, not tell us that it is irrelevant by their own degeneration.

Nizam: individualism may have begun in the west but its something we labour to attain. I am certain I'd be rebuked if I am gazing at someone wearing less in the west. But, it will be the other way round in our culture. I'd be admonishing her - you will burn in hell I will tell her. I am no one to justify what they wear - its their choice & just by a dress or a gesture I cannot jump into some definite conclusions/perceptions.

Ed: If we emphasis our crotches when we dress over everything else, we ourselves have concluded what we hold to be the best of our assets Nizam.

The western-capitalist system turns everyone into a commodity, as a product, which necessarily requires us to discard all meaningful and opposing aspects of our personalities and potentials. When that happens, all we have left is our wealth, our bodies, and the Kardashians. That's when we will focus on these.

Putting it another way, when women turn into sluts, we will turn into pricks, because there is no market for our better selves. We need women to remind us of our better natures, not tell us that it is irrelevant by their own degeneration.

The west's idea of individualism is a con. It basically turns us into consumers in the face of their corporations - which require us to be despiritualised in order to view their products as the definition of our selves. We need our own brand of individualism that elevates us to more than the west would currently have us imagine.



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