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Chelsea fans racist rant in Paris, Colonialism, and Football

Yero: and whats wrong? he is black he should be in AFRICA not in fckin EUROPE!!!!!! EUROPE FOR EUROPEANS

Ed:  And why did you go and colonise and rob other lands for hundreds of years eh?  You should have stayed in your own country and fed off your Queen's table right.  Now that they've fed your economy for a long time through your pillaging colonialism, they are, in effect, investors and shareholders in 'your' country.

You think the Europeans gave as much to you English pirates?  No.  It was the Black man, the Indians, etc, etc.  Europe for Europeans my beautiful brown ass.  That's why the formation of the EU was racist.  You gained off the non-Europeans, and then you close it off to them and say, 'Europe for Europeans'.  How many so called 'non-racist English or Europeans even realise that?  And the rest of the world want to take their cultural and perspectival cue from them.  The world should wake up.

Go get some commonsense you dumb prick.


Clasifi 1: You can't eradicate racism because it's part of human nature.

Ed: Being fearful of difference and the unfamiliar might be a part of human nature.  But overcoming one's fears is also part of human nature, and can be seen as human nature REALISED.

Would you say that being ignorant is part of human nature, whilst getting rid of said ignorance isn't?  You could say that thinking like yourself would be sub-human, or a human nature that is yet to be realised. 

Go think some more.

Being fearful of difference and the unfamiliar might be a part of human nature.  But overcoming one's fears is also part of human nature, and can be seen as human nature REALISED.


When people say 'there is no place for racism in football', i can't stop smiling, condescendingly.
Football is an ultra-right wing pastime that promotes nationalism, patriotism, and territorialism. So, whether it be in the face of foreigners elsewhere, or within the homeground, or immigrants, or supporters of another team, we have an aggressive US vs THEM mentality.  So it is no wonder that the EDL (English Defence League) was formed from football supporters.

This can be said about all sports. However, the difference is, in football, we have a whole team, an 'army', being aggressive with another, and trying to gain at the expense of another. And hence, there would be close identification between a 'group' of supporters and the team 'group' as well. In tennis, golf, running, etc, it is a singular activity, and therefore, the group of supporters will not be able to as closely identify with the runners/etc as they might with a whole team.

That's one of the reason why i don't fancy soccer, or football. Too right-wing for my taste. But one of the reason why football is so popular in England is because the English don't have much of a culture via which they can express passion, intelligence, etc, and hence, football becomes a means via which they can do so. They might say it is their 'culture', but the ed meister says, "that is what you do to compensate for not having one."



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