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Boko Haram give 'Terrorism' a bad name

Africa leaders declare 'war' on Nigeria Boko Haram

African leaders meeting in Paris have agreed to wage "war" on Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamic militants.

President Hollande of France, who hosted the summit, said regional powers had pledged to share intelligence and co-ordinate action against the group.

Last month it abducted 223 schoolgirls in north-eastern Nigeria, where it is based. Fresh attacks were reported in Nigeria and Cameroon overnight.

Boko Haram give 'terrorism' a bad name.

Terrorism, at the end of the day, is non-state-sanctioned violence by a non-state-supported militia for political/social/economic ends.   The evil here, according to the west and fans of Iron Man and Captain America, is not the violence, but that it is being committed without the express approval of the state.

'Terrorism' is a term frequently used by those in power to vilify those who refuse the state the monopoly on violence for political/social/economic ends, or, who dare to retaliate for what was done unto those they identify with.  It was, in that same vein, that the west called those who retaliated ‘savages’ in colonial times when they went throughout the globe exploiting and killing millions.

It is only when we appreciate these logical points that we can put an end to terrorism, state-sanctioned or otherwise because we need to look at causes and effects instead of just throwing in our support for the west simply because, according to the gullible, they produce ‘good’ movies.

As for Boko-Haram, they are just psychopaths who treat children’s lives so callously.  Though, they are not too different from the americans who sanctioned the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq via medical embargoes in the decade prior to 11/9, or who killed women and children in the undemocratic state of Nippon with two atoms bombs. But the americans aren't 'terrorists' because they are part of the UN right?  But western or white supremacists would disagree I suppose.

Very few think these days.


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