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When ‘values and manners’ are gullible, not laudable

A five-year-old girl sent a handwritten apology to a department store after accidentally breaking a Christmas tree bauble - with two pound coins attached to pay for the damage.
Faith wrote to John Lewis in Cambridge after visiting on Saturday.
The letter said: "I'm sorry I broke a Christmas bauble... it cost two pounds. Here is the money for it. Sorry again". - bbc

(comments on BBC facebook)

Tim DeBever: Shows that some parents still believe in teaching their children common values and manners. As others have said it is a rarity these days and I for one am glad that her honesty is being rewarded. Well done Faith. You're a credit to your parents

Joannna Bennet: I can't actually believe that people can find a negative angle to this. It's sad that some people have lost the ability to accept and believe nice things can happen, I actually feel sorry for them as their lives must be very gloomy. I'm not bothered about the specifics, it's a nice story that warmed my heart. Happy Christmas

Paul Saso: Why see anything negative in this? Take it for what it is! Parents teaching kids morals and not just leaving them with a smartphone, console or tv. This is real parenting and a lot of people can learn a thing or two from this.

Joanna English:
I don't see strict parents at all, I see parents with morals and values...good on them, job well done!!

Rona Robertson:
We'll done parents ! Encouraging your daughter to be responsible for her actions ! May you all have a very happy Christmas !

ed: Poor girl, she wasn't taught that the bauble only costs a few pence, but is being sold for big profit. She should have asked how much they bought it for and paid them that amount.

The 'positive' responses to this by many only indicates the degree to which they have been incorporated into the elite-serving approach to things.  Shows that anyone can be a parent, but not everyone knows how to parent one in view of the overarching socio-political context.

Such 'values and manners' only serves to validate the system. Like i've said, before, being an angel in hell only strengthens the devil. 



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