China: ‘The UK is no longer any so-called big country...’

"The UK is no longer any so-called 'big country'... it is an old European country suitable for travel and study abroad, with a few good football teams" says the Chinese Global Times newspaper today.

One state-run newspaper cast doubt on the "sincerity" of Mr Cameron's diplomacy amid ongoing anger about his meeting last year with the Dalai Lama.
And it suggested China did not need better relations with the UK as it was no longer a "big country".
- bbc

(following discussion from BBC facebook)

ed: It is to be expected that the Chinese reduce the UK to nothing but that as they are accustomed to ignoring anything unique about a person or experience and only paying attention to those aspects that interest them, or that which doesn't challenge their view of what is 'normal', or that which doesn't require much thought.

That is how they perpetuate the illusion of their superiority be it on a national or personal level. That is the Legalist-Confucian (Chinese) way, and has been since 221 b.c when Qin Shih Huang Ti ascended the throne.

That said, such a statement, as made by the Chinese, should make the Brits think about what else they are.

And all of that said, much of the former colonised world have justifiable grudges against the UK given that the UK has enriched itself by robbing and pillaging much of the known world, and which it still profits from today.

China suffered great humiliation during the western 'scramble for concessions' where it was divided between western bandits for plunder and profit. It had to that time, seen itself as the centre of civilisation - just as the west mistaken sees itself now - and suffered a huge blow to its pride. They are now compensating for it by laughing at you guys as they are just about beating you in the capitalist game you promoted globally.

Well, better that then them coming in here, shooting you people, carving your state up, and getting your so-called Queenie to pick up her skirt and run off to the u.s. right? Well, that is what they put up with anyway.


Jordan Griffiths: Rather be a small country with big people than a big country with lots of small people

ed: Yes. But i don't think you qualify as 'big people'.
Though i do agree that the chinese qualify as 'small people'.

But within a capitalist system, that is to their advantage as they would mindlessly stand behind their government and do as they are told - as they are well-trained by the Legalist-Confucian system. Hence, they will become richer and more powerful, and laugh when you sing 'rule britannia'. I'm not celebrating that fact by the way. Just describing things as is.


Chelsey Stephanie: The chinese could teach us a lot about growth, longevity, humility, graciousness, ect

ed: Chelsey, you speak out of ignorance.

The Chinese in s.e.Asia are generally a ruthless, self-absorbed, xenophobic, and racist people - though the Taiwanese are quite different. I speak from having lived, and suffered, amongst and with them for a few decades.

It is to be expected from a people who've been oppressed opportunistically by a seemingly unassailable government; sheltered from difference for a couple of thousand years; abided by one system of thought; and been taught to fetishise tradition for tradition's sake. And when they do encounter difference in other s.e.Asian states, they can choose to ignore it as they go in by the millions.  The fact that they have a term like 'Gwei Lo' (foreign Devil) is itself quite the incontrovertible indicator of their fascist spirit and aversion to difference.

The fact that the chinese characters for what you know as 'China' actually stands for 'middle kingdom' or 'central land', says much.


Alex Townsend: The UK is the centre of the world whether you like it or not. The only influence that china is renowned for is their appalling human rights record an out of date dictatorship which to this day still refuses to recognise the voice in the people it is supposed to serve.

ed: "The UK is the centre of the world whether you like it or not." 

Just like a toad in a well thinks that the sky is spherical.


Faisal Ansir: UK is the most friendly country on planet earth....A land of opportunity

ed: Friendly? You must be joking. They are indeed highly polite and considerate most times. But warm, hospitable, friendly, they most certainly aren't.

I can make a dozen good friends, say, in the Philippines, or Malaysia, or India, amongst others, in a week, but you're lucky if you can get that many in the UK in a lifetime. No wonder that from a recent survey, it was said that half of the people here feel isolated, and why internet dating is becoming the last resort.

People here are too into being aloof, 'dignified' and 'sophisticated' to be warm and friendly. Windsor-wannabes would be an apt term to describe the white Brit. That is why they came up with terms like 'being too familiar', 'presumptuous', etc, so as to view others as deficient instead of themselves.

I've associated closely with people from Africa, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Burmese, amongst others, and i have to say that insincerity and coldness of the (white) British is pretty conspicuous for its being comparatively unique. I never have a problem being good friends with people from other climes, but the British upper lips are a bit too stiff. I'd say they suffer from emotional rigor mortis.

No wonder multiculturalism kind of failed. The Brits welcome difference into their country, but most times, not into their circles.


Royd Moore: It is only a small country when viewed from the outside, but from within we are the best, proof of that is the millions who want to come here. We are not called Great Britain for nothing, it is because we are GREAT.

ed: If others want to come here, it might be because they prefer bad conditions as opposed to worse.


Jonathan Shields: Would rather live in a small country where I don't get locked up for disagreeing with the government any day.

ed: They lock you up over there, they ignore you over here. Ah well, the latter is preferable i suppose.


Ed Rosie: Says the country that's spent the last 50 years stealing and copying our innovation.

ed: Says the country that stole their wealth to invent and innovate.


Scott Mark: Anyone that says uk is finished is deluded - were realistic - we can't compete with china or America in Grand terms but that's not to say when they play us at home we can't give them all a good game - this island is hub - money will always be flowing through the UK

ed: Money might be 'flowing through' the UK, but much of it is 'stopping' in China.


Suzanne Rees: PS. Why do the boys who visit each others countries always have to walk past stiff soldiers, whats up!?

ed: I think it has to do with respecting their sovereignty which is presented in the form of, and upheld, by their military.


Daniel Doherty: China has no room to criticise the UK, compare as many economies as you like and rattle on about how small the UK is, no matter how small still makes a bigger impact on the world than China ever has. oh and we don't eat dogs, just sayin...

ed: And that 'impact' is?


Alex Townsend: The UK is the centre of the world whether you like it or not.

ed: That’s very Chinese of you Alex.