Why Should 'Foreigners' Pay for the National Health Service?

Up to £500m could be recovered from overseas visitors and migrants using the NHS every year, ministers believe.

An independent report commissioned by the Department of Health estimated these groups cost the NHS £2bn a year.

Ministers said some of that spending was unavoidable, but said it would be realistic to save a quarter.
Savings would come from deterring so-called health tourism, recovering money owed by other countries and a levy on non-European temporary residents. - bbc

(the following comments are extracted from the discussion beneath BBC's facebook article link)

ed: A singaporean acquaintance of mine who was here for a 2 week holiday a couple of months ago accessed the NHS for free.....after having her arm injured by an English bloke driving a large van down a very narrow road too fast and too close to the pavement round a bend.

Should she pay?


Ian Baskerville: Health tourism and foreign students receiving care through the NHS accounts for 0.5% of the overall yearly spend.

ed: 'Foreign students' should be discounted from this as they already pay far more than local students. Getting their NHS care for 'free' isn't really the case.

You could say that foreign students are actually paying for YOUR care considering the amount they are pumping into your elite-benefiting economy. I paid 5000gbp per year on fees alone, and that was close to 20 years ago. It's much higher now.


Karen: Whenever I have gone abroad, I have always bought insurance, as I would never expect something for nothing in another country. This country has to put a stop to people coming here and taking what they have never contributed to.

ed: Considering the amount of money spent by tourists here, other than those on 'health tourism', i'd say they are already paying quite a bit on tax.  And as most probably don't have use for the NHS, the gain is already on your side.  So i don't see any reason to begrudge the few tourists who need the NHS.


Wendy: They should try charging the drug addicts and binge drinkers that they have to help every day! NHS would be loaded then!

ed: As for binge-drinkers, they are paying quite a bit of tax on the alcohol aren't they.  


Potty: We need to get out of the EU now!

Jagga: yeas, I think you should, then you will be left alone to pay benefits to over 60 thousand non working African and Asian refugees, and in 2050 the white British person will be as hard to find as a dodo bird.

ed: @ Jagga, if you got out of the EU, then those 60,000 non-working African and Asian refugees will have jobs.

And considering that 'whites' are like 92% of the population, i don't think you are on the way to adding much colour to your population....other than relying on the all too short summers to do so.


In sum

I suppose it is better to whack foreigners with accusations of 'scrounging' than to take on your own royal and elite scroungers.  Well, how else are you going to pay for the latter without taking it out of the former right. 

Typical case of peasants fighting each other for pennies as they've taken the elite's taking their pounds as natural.  All this squabbling amongst the lumpenproletariat is just an effort to better subsidise their being able to continue providing limitless benefits to their hallowed elite. 

Considering the amount tourists are pumping into the coffers of the British elite and their serfs, I dare say that the provision of 'free' NHS should be perceived as nothing more than public convenience and courtesy.

Additionally, this focus on 'foreigners' having to pay is purposed to continue to fund EU nationals' NHS needs. 

So non-EU foreigners are basically being called upon to pay for EU foreigners so that the ethnically-exclusive EU can continue to flourish.

And let's not forget that it was the foreigners who built up much of your infrastructure and amenities given that much lives, resources and wealth was given up for 'King/Queen and country' by those whom were colonised by the British. 

So how about a 'thank you'.