Squabbling about the 'Royal Christening'

Prince George Christened at Chapel Royal

The christening of Prince George has taken place in the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace in London.
The prince, third in line to the throne, was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Following comments from BBC Facebook discussion


Tracey Vernon: How stupid can some people be? Anyone suggesting that this gown is a girls dress are clearly not the brightest bulb in the box.. Our future king is wearing a traditional christening gown and looks simply stunning. His family go to church/are religious, and so chose to have their baby christened as it was their choice. I hope they all enjoyed their day. They all look so happy.

Ed: They're religious? What religion is that?...where rich greedy royals are heads of a church that espouses love, humility, empathy and self-sacrifice whilst homeless sit not too far from their gates.

That's like having the devil as the head of a church.


Delores Stewart: beautiful baby, beautiful gown! and shame on the people making snide remarks . they must be miserale people.

Ed:  Oh come on Elizabeth et al, just because they 'generate' as much as you claim they do, doesn't justify them taking as much as they do.

And, if you think about it, Mickey Mouse generates loads for America as well, but they don't need to pay Mickey as much as you do the centrepiece of your version of Disneyland. Grow up will you.


Ryan Heartsthedarkness: Shouldn't force your religion on a child.

Ed:  What a silly statement. Either you 'force' your religion on a kid, or MacDonald's will force theirs down the throat of you kid....and the celebs/royals/elite will be doing likewise as well.

Yeah, many a time I’ve heard, ‘let the child choose its own religion when s/he grows up’. 

After Apple, all the celebs, pop culture, royals, the elite, capitalism, nationalism, the Olympics, the Big Bang Theory, the visual-effects based movies that encourages people to go by reflex rather than thought, all that violence and sex in western media, etc, etc, and all the other malice and self-absorption-inducing devices have been used to steer the inclinations of kids....

.....then the kids will choose self-sacrifice, humility, mutual love, compassion, and universalism?


Derry: Waited on hand and foot, always warm and comfortable, never 'at risk' never in poverty, well fed. Will never know what it's like to pay a bill or be in debit. Never have to queue for anything. Surrounded by the finest physicians and surgeons 24/7. I could witter on forever about role reversal of our pensioners who have worked there fingers to the bone to keep these bloody parasites in the lap of luxury.

Jenny Collins: that is NOT his fault though Derry

Ed: But it is going to be 'his fault' when he grows up and sits to a grand dinner whilst homeless sleep in the alleys in cardboard boxes Jenny.

Typrical case of the sins of the father being thrust upon the children. Why not relieve the child of this sin by having him adopted by a 'commoner' family then.

But then, we can't have that can we, lest people like yourself value the child less than a royal right?


Kerry Wakeman: I don't know why anything to do with the royal family comes back to the 'taking food out of my mouth debate!' My husband and I work very hard to provide for our family, it is down to the individual to provide, at what point did it become acceptable to think that everything is owed to you? 

Ed: 'At what point did it become acceptable to think that everything is owed to you'? says you.

Why don't you ask the 'royals' that Kerry dear.


Stephanie Kane
: I hope she gives back all that her grandmother and great-great-great grandfather stole....For the nation of Africa

Andy Cee: Theres not really a lot that you can steal from subsistence farmers. The Colonials CREATED a lot out of what was there and had been left untouched by the locals, they also stopped the locals from butchering each other. Unfortunately now they're in charge its gone back to that situation.

Ed: Hey Andy, do you know how much you people made from free enslaved labour from Africa? Do you know how many Africans, amongst many others, died to feed you and your so-called royal family? That is the Colonial Holocaust.

And they were not always squabbling and killing each other either. You people did more of that than anyone throughout history. Ever heard of 'World War' 1 and 2? Perhaps the Africans should have colonised you and taught you a bit about how to be human beings.

You Brits went about controlling nations through the 'divide and conquer' strategy where certain groups are elevated and used to control the others. That caused enough divisions for it to explode to the degree it did after you gits left.

So shut up and go back to school.


Ed: If you really think about it, 'Royal Christening' is quite the oxymoron.

'Royal' goes against the precepts of the egalitarian 'Christian' faith.  That’s like Christening the Anti-Christ.


Pedro Santos: i prefer when you post news instead of royalty propaganda to feed the peasants basic intellects... but that me

Wendy Howard: A very condescending remark. Lots of people love the royal family and enjoy the ceremony of royalty and that does not make them peasants.

Ed: That's not condescending Wendy, the existence of 'royalty' requires the existence of 'peasants' to exist and subsist.

That's logical.

Live Long and Prosper. Nanu Nanu.