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Kobo Aura's New Flat-front design is silly

Kobo has updated its e-reader line-up, including its first e-ink device to have a "totally flat" front.
The new Aura's edge-to-edge display is designed to help it stand out from rivals which typically feature a recessed screen within a frame.

A flat-front design is stupid. With my Kobo Glo, if i was to drop it, the reading surface is still protected because of the protruding border.  I don't have to need to buy some overpriced cover for it to get around the deficiency of a flat-front design - like the silly iPad.  Lots of companies now build products with 'inbuilt-risks' that basically either compromise the life-span of a product; have currently available features excluded; or make it susceptible to damage, for the purpose of generating more profits from 'upgrades'.  That's capitalism for you.  With regards to the Kobo Aura HD, a rubberised body, protruding borders, would be perfect.

As for the HD feature, that is redundant when it comes to text. It's just a gimmick to present the illusion of progress with such e-readers.

One should not confuse ‘new’ with good.  'Relevance' is more important.

Additionally, and importantly, have any of these 'experts' considered that the immersive experience in reading is compromised when ALL text is so sharp that they ALL compete for ones' attention via the 'corner of one's eye'? It actually compromises focus on the word and line one is reading, and as a result, compromises the immersion into the story.  Even in films, producers make sure that not everything stands out or else one's focus on the main characters is compromised. Same thing applies.

Instead of having these gimmicky features to increase or maintain prices, I’d rather they focus on bringing the cost to the consumer down.  But we need a socialist system for that.  This effort to  challenge Kindle with a ‘flat face’ design is silly.  Being better than or as good as the competition does not always translate to a better product as the new features may actually compromise the experience, or maintain a wrong developmental trajectory - like having HD text like HD-everything else.  One should not confuse ‘new’ with good.  Relevance is more important.



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