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Breakfast: ed's 'Shake and Roll'

I'm never one for long-drawn breakfasts.  And i don't like to feel 'heavy' or lethargic after one. 

The thing is, if you stay off unhealthy breakfasts long enough, and then go back to it, you're going to feel exactly that, and you might also feel a bit sickly and nauseous after the kind of breakfast that i had in singapore not too long ago - mee pok (chinese thick noodles), carrot cake (fried flour with eggs, or something like that).  Same thing goes for the 'English Breakfast'. 

I wondered why i didn't feel sickly after eating it in the past, and realised that it was basically because i was used to it to the point that it didn't have much of the 'sickly' effect on me, and that i was used to feeling a bit sickly to the point that it didn't bother me.  A combination of both i suppose.  Perhaps that might, in part, explain why just about everyone walks around looking constipated in singapore. 

Anyway, about a year ago, i decided to try an alternative breakfast that didn't take too long to make or take.  Hence, ed's '(milk)Shake and (rock and) Roll' came to be.

You basically heat up the oats in a glass of milk in the microwave for a minute, and then blend it with walnuts, raisins, a stick of celery, a banana, low-fat milk (i use cholesterol-reducing milk as you can see in the picture), and a calcium/vitamin D yoghurt supplement.  If you want a touch of spice in this ensemble, you can always stick in half a green chilli as well - like i do at times.  Why not? But green chillis go best with other green ingredients like celery, honeydew, and mint.  They complement each other, and hence, that comprises some of my fruit juice concoctions.  Being an atypical singaporean myself, you can expect quite a bit of the innovative streak from the ed meister.

Of course, some chinese in might say, with reference to my gastronomic approach that i'm 'kia xi' ('scared die' or afraid to die) - which i've heard quite a few times whenever i talk about healthy diets - but i suppose it is to be expected.  For people who's main preoccupation in life is eating (in addition to gambling), i suppose the absence of ladles of fat, oil, salt, and soya sauce is taken as the absence of a reason to live.  But the thing about healthy breakfasts like this is that you reap the benefits immediately.  You may not live longer, but you're going to feel, well, ready to Rock and Roll.  Well, i passed this idea on to a chinese couple who came by recently for a couple of weeks, and they're doing the 'Shake and Roll' in singapore now.  Good one!

Well, with breakfast sorted, it's time for my coffee and e-cigarette.

Have a good day all.



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