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The meaning of Homeland Security and FEMA's 'CLASSIFIED'

Tim: shit!

Jane: OMG!

ed: Haha. Hilarious. Nice trick. One can see right through the actual intention of this speech.

To keep saying 'classified' instead of naming the actual evil gets the masses to start coming up with lots of theories as to what evils they are to be visited by and hence further increase the general sense of fear.

This would not be as much the case if those evils were named as that would actually narrow one's fears, increase the masses' sense of control, and lessen fear amongst the masses. That in turn reduces the masses subservience to the elite.

The control of the people is best effected via the control of their vocabulary. For in the latter, limits are imposed on the attention and understanding of reality, and through it, their susceptibility to control and manipulation.

By the way, we need more discussion, analysis and understanding of situations instead of 'shit' and 'omg' which amounts to nothing other than incredulity. This 'shit' and 'omg' responses can be likened to the Orwellian 'Newspeak' where the reduction of vocabulary and abridging of expression leads to a reduction in thought. The latter just plays into the hands of the elite.  The control of the people is best done so via the control of their vocabulary, for in the latter limits are imposed on the attention and understanding of reality.



  1. Clear evident of how politicians use language to dominate politics and the people. Like you said, instead of calling out what the actual evil is, it allows the people to start conjuring up images of their worst fear and thus making them most vulnerable and susceptible to control.


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