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Photography: CNY Night Street

click image for larger view

Well, i just got back a drive from singapore that still, thankfully, contains the pics and art i did for a the past 10 years. It is especially the artwork that i prize the most though - does not include the above.

Anyway, here's a picture that i took in 2009 in singapore during Chinese New Year.  I spent about 2 weeks going down to Chinatown in Singapore with a chinese mate (whom i taught perspectives in photography through this hands-on experience....and an hour’s ‘debriefing-cum-discussion’ thereafter).  Very interesting experience. Also liked the sounds, colours, lights, and vibrancy. 

Well, i sat on the pavement for this shot - with my feet on the road, and all passers-by in vehicles and on the pavement looking at me wondering what i was doing ;) - for about half an hour to get this shot. 

I also recall a few times when tourists from China would come up to to have their picture taken with me. Perhaps the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board ought to have paid me to maintain me as a tourist attraction. I suppose i kind of stand out, especially in a country that is quite, unfortunately, devoid of character these days.  I suppose I’m a throwback of the multicultural, pretty westernised, and curious singapore of the 70s and 80s, thankfully.  



  1. The shot was well framed, using a fisheye lens to create the hemispherical image! I especially like the rich colours and the contrast of the red banner, building with the black sky.


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