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Pet Shop Boys @ London o2, in pictures

Pet Shop Boys isn't as much my cup of Darjeeling as is Depeche Mode - whose Delta Machine concert at the London o2 i attended...and it was amazing! to say the least.  But it still has the 80s spirit to it, or at least the 2nd half of the concert where they performed quite a few of my favourites from Domino Dancing to Surburbia and Opportunities. 

I went on my own.  But i wasn't alone.  There were people of all ages up to their 50s, sizes, dress-styles....and they were loving it.  So i was in good company. 

Epping to Stratford, Stratford to North Greenwich where the o2 is located....nice ride, nice sights.  Fantastic concert, especially when it was amongst the people whom produced the Pet Shop Boys.  They weren't there because it was the 'in-thing', but because they loved it.  That certainly makes it all the more of a great experience as everyone feeds off everyone's spirit.  Good one!

Next stop, Santana at the Wembley Arena in July, and probably Depeche Mode at the o2 again in November!

Keep Rocking!

[click images for larger view]


  1. Looks like I have missed a fun-filled night. I was out of the country when the concert was held. Your shots were sharp and artistically taken. Look forward to more of your concert pictures!


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