Canon sx270 HS. First Feel.

The Canon sx270 HS (this doesn't have wifi or GPS unlike the sx280).  Just arrived by post an hour ago from Amazon.  Had my blended breakfast of weetabix, walnuts, raisins, milk and yoghurt....yummy....and then got down to opening the box.

It's quite a nice camera actually. For some reason, I thought it would look crap.  I was wrong.  The grey-black version has a subtle, understated, straight-forward, no nonsense, and sleek and confident feel to it, and i like that.  It is priced cheaper than the other colours....don't know why. I got it for 204gbp.

It's got a nice weight, or 'heft' as photographers like to call it. It's metal as well. Though if you got the blue or the red, it's going to look quite plastic because of the combination of the shine and the colour. But it's great in the grey-black combo.

Too bad it doesn't shoot in RAW though.  If it did, i would surely keep it till it conks out. So, for me, an upgrade in the future is on the cards based on this point alone.  Canon left out the RAW format, amongst others, so that people would do just that...capitalist sons of .......   Anyway, if you don't do photo-editing or digital art with photos, or print really big sizes - like i might do - this camera is pretty much perfect with its JPEG pics.  

Another minor quibble i have with it is that there isn't room for my thumb to rest in the rear and you might end up triggering the some button-activated function behind.  I wonder if Canon could perhaps stick the buttons and dials at the side instead of the rear....hmmm. 

Some have whined about the lack of a touch screen.  And others have whinnied about the focusing point (metering) being dead-centre and not movable.  I don't find either a problem.  When i use my Nikon D700, i prefer to lock focus and then recompose instead of clicking the focusing point around with the dial.  Quicker that way.  This camera allows you to lock-focus with a half-press and recompose.  I like that.  As for the absence of a touch screen.  I'm not in danger of confusing this for a tablet, nor do i feel the need to touch-navigate it.  Do my settings, and just shoot.  Simple, and straightforward. 

Not having the ability to share directly to social networking sites is another minus-point.  The sx280 has WiFi, but no direct connectivity to social networking sites.  So i went for a sx270.  Again, Canon obviously left out this functionality to give people a reason to upgrade.

It has a great 12megapixels which is just about perfect for the 1/2.3 sensor size of compact cameras - hence, less noise, less noise-reduction blurring used by the camera on the pictures, and great low-light shots.  The 12mp and Digic 6 processor used in this model is said to be the perfect combo.  So, great.

I'll do test shots and vids at the Pet Shop Boys 'Electric Tour' concert at the London o2 Arena on the 18th of this month and post them up thereafter. The 20x Zoom would certainly be sufficient.....even if one was seated way back and up high like i was at the Depeche Mode 'Delta Machine tour' concert I went to on the 29th of May at the o2 Arena.  Even if seated at the back, you'd be able to get right on the stage with a 20x zoom.  But i didn't have this camera back then, so boo hoo.  Looking forward to using it at the Santana concert next month at the Wembley Arena too.