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3d Guns....thoughts

The blueprint used to produce a 3D-printed plastic gun has been downloaded about 100,000 times since going online earlier this week, according to Forbes.
Most downloads were in the US, followed by Spain, Brazil, Germany and the UK. - bbc

I suppose the powers-that-be allowed this to go through so as to maintain the global element of fear. Best to fear your neighbour so that you wouldn't bother to keep your eyes on the government i suppose.


If they came up with a 3d design for a nuclear weapon, you can be sure that the elite will do something about it as it can threaten their well-being directly.  However, with a 3d Gun, that only causes the people to fear each other.


Oh boy. Now we need physical searches of all baggage in the airport. 


People can always do something about governments without guns - as Gandhi had already proved - if they act together.  But failing to want to act together indicates the preponderance of mutual alienation. 

In such a case, If they still insist that they need guns to 'protect themselves from the government', as some claim, then that means they are already fragmented enough to not be able to act together without arms to deal with the government.  In such a case, how can they trust each other with a gun when they are mutually alienated in the first place?

In a situation where mutual alienation is true, and governments are oppressive, what can be expected is that people would be more likely to use their guns on each other to protect themselves from the consequences and rising cost of their apathy toward a self-serving government.



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