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What Maketh a Good Parent


If i had kids, i'll invest in lots of books, DVDs, music, records....from the 40s to the 80s so that they can have a good upbringing.  Histories of time past from the times before The Christ or The Buddha.  Books and films on Religion of all sorts, from Satanism to Christianity.  Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Highway to Heaven, Sherlock Holmes, Only Fools and Horses, 40s - 70s music, Indian/Western/Arab/African classical, spiritual stuff, etc, etc, etc, is far better perspectival nutrition that the crap they produce these days.

If you think about it, which you probably don't unfortunately, our genetic make-up comprises much of those genes that had 'learnt' much from our millions of years of evolution. It contains such 'knowledge' so that we can be better with age and cope better with the vagaries that come with the unpredictable tide of times. 

Or at least it is supposed to.

However, this does not apply to knowledge itself as the young are constantly taught to disregard the past and live in the present. In that, they become lesser with the passage of time, and hence, easily controlled, and turned into unthinking profit-generating machines.  Varying perspectives, borne of varying cultural and technological climates are cast aside.  What that is, is people disregarding people.  And all that is left, in consequence, are the directives of the overpaid celebs, royalties and corporations of what thus becomes ‘modern’ times. 

A good parent is one who maketh a good child within, prior to making a child without, good.

There's so much more to 'good parenting' than meets the eye of most parents these days. Of course many would say, you need to have kids before you know how to be a good parent, 'so shut up ed!'. To such idiots i would say, do you only seek to qualify yourself for a job after getting it? I don't find cause for celebration whenever someone pops out a kid. After all, cats and dogs do that all the time.  Children are capable of so much.  They can aspire to more than just being the next 'American/etc Idol'.  They can be more than an exploitative capitalist git, or one who compensates for being exploited by being equally so to another.  They can be more than a worshipper of the latest boy band or 'star'.   They can be more than a member of just one race, religion, or state. 

That's what the hallowed 'child' is.  One who is capable of transcending all singular experiences by using every single experience as a springboard to more that makes more of themselves and life, and through that, to look back and make more of the experiences that they used as a springboard in the past.   

What matters is what kind of parent you are. To that end, i've yet to meet any worthy of congratulation. But that's not a condemnation, but a cause for hope. Upon realising this, you can do something about it. :)  A good parent is one who maketh a good child within, prior to making a child without, good.



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