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Thatcher's Death, in comment

(the following are some of ed's and others' comments at BBC's facebook posts.)

ed: I'm not too crazy about Maggie, but it is the class that she serves that supplies the demand for the likes of her doesn't it.


ed: I don't see the need to rejoice that she died. After all, her death doesn't solve a thing does it.

But for those who condemn said 'rejoicing' as it 'being sick to rejoice at the death of another' are being a bit hypocritical as i'm sure they wouldn't condemn the rejoicing that took place at the death of Hitler and others of his ilk.


ed: Personally, i'm not celebrating her death. But i can't help bemoaning her life.


ed: She isn't dead, if her legacy lives on in the approach of all the major parties.

Maggie's significance lies in shifting the right more right so that the centre goes right as well, and pulls the left along with it.


ed: I'm sure some, not all, feminists were proud that there was once a woman in power who was as bad or worse than men. Too busy fighting for equality between the sexes to bother about equality per se?

image by Socialist Worker UK


Andy Graham: I disagreed with her politics totally but she did stand up for what she believed in which is more than the shower we currently have in power or on the subs bench!

Same could be said for Stalin, Hitler, etc.


Mary Roemmele: Wow - whether you agreed with her politics or not - for many of us she was the lady in power in our formative years and for girls growing up in the 70's and 80's having a female leader in power was very liberating (politics aside). RIP

ed: @ Mary, so i suppose you'd give Hitler a thumbs-up if he wore knickers?

During difficult times, it is not the strength of leaders that is a virtue, but their unswerving empathy in the face of the people's weakness and suffering.  The latter, Maggie, didn't have much of. - ed

Angela Coope-Fell: Love her or hate her she was a huge part of our British history and I for one am proud to say she was one of us, policies aside she was one hell of a strong woman! Rip

ed: Typical xenophobe nonsense. Better a local tyrant than a foreign humanitarian. Silly.


David Evans: There is a time for open debate on the failures and successes of a person's life. The day of their death is not the time.

ed: Why not?


Diana W N: I am disgusted at some of the comments I have read here. Not everyone will have agreed with her politics, but she, nor her family deserve the disrespect at her passing. If you did not like her, then just say nothing. RIP Ex prime Minister Thatcher

Glyn Harries: so guess you were one of the few who did allright out of her destruction of what was best of this country?

Diana W N:
You know nothing about me so I suggest you keep your assumptions to yourself.

ed: the 'assumptions' made by Glyn is a plausible extrapolation of your standpoint. It's either as Glyn says, or you're not too bright. Take your pick.

ed: I don't see why she ought to be accorded respect for her 'passing' if she didn't give respect for the 'living' of others.


Anne Hole: she was such a strong lady in difficult times. No more suffering,may she RIP

ed: That's what the supporters of the Nazis, Mosely, Mussolini, Mao, Stalin, would have said. 

During difficult times, it is not the strength of leaders that is a virtue, but their unswerving empathy in the face of the people's weakness and suffering.  The latter, Maggie, didn't have much of.


Shellie Sallis: RIP to an outstanding lady, you will be missed. A proper female role model, who stood up for what she believed in!

ed: ‘Proper female role model’ indeed. She showed women that in their quest for equality, they should be as bad as men and maintain an unequal society.



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