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Of Gods, Philosophers and the modern Superhero

Superheroes have evolved with the passage of times.  Once, they were saints and Gods, whom represented ideals which we could internalise and become Godlike. 

Of course, many people say that the belief in God only led to underdevelopment amongst people.  They, of course, are wrong.  It is the failure to follow God to the final conclusion, to realise that He made all of us in His image, and that to realise that ‘image’ in ourselves by unifying with every culture and country, and extricating the best elements of all religions, recipes, etc, etc, etc, that would bring together the still-disparate pieces of the puzzle of God, and finally bring to hand the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, that had led to disenchantment with religion and God. 

The failure to do this is that which led us to be disempowered.  That is when we produced, became susceptible to, and handed control over to, the elite, celebs, and corporations of our day.  What happened then was that we moved on to living our lives vicariously through them.  No wonder people are keeping up ‘The Kardashians’, ‘Real Housewives’ of some american city, buying ‘goss’ mags focusing on the lives of the so-called celebrities, waiting with bated breath for the next Iron Man movie or the next Spidey episode.

In other words, we are in a worse position than we’ve ever been throughout human history.  With Gods, we had the home of becoming Godlike.  With socialist and religious philosophers, we were presented with the blueprint and navigational map to realise it.  But with Iron Man, Spiderman, the X-Men, people are told to keep their heroism for the silver screen played by actors who, amongst other elite, hoard the resources required to undo much evils on the planet.

the first act of becoming a superhero is in questioning all that you hold to be true and realising that the the root of all evil finds its incubatory refuge in all that is perceived to be good by a people whom take an evil state of affairs as all natural.

I wonder if people throughout the globe might actually subconsciously realise that they themselves, instead of religion and God, are the problem.  Their support of the nation-state, capitalism, nationalism, racial exclusivity, cultural pride and continuity, etc, etc, basically led to the failure of the global unity required to realise Heaven on earth.  They constantly desire the instantly gratifying and comforting duvet of age-old traditions that relieves them of much thought, instills a false sense of control, and enables them to feel good about their selves.   Hence, they kind of gave up their lives, handed it over to the celebs, and sit sedate in front of the lives of the saints of ‘modern’ times, completely perspectivally retarded and docile, and just live on the decrees and directives of celebs, royalties, and the self-aggrandizing whims and fancies of corporations and their governmental executives. 

It’s no wonder that the superhero has evolved from saints and Gods, or philosophers, to Iron Man, Spidey, the Avengers, X-wo/men, and so on.  There is no hope that they themselves can become superheroes as that requires a special talent that only some are born with.  Iron Man himself is a filthy rich bourgeois which just serves to whitewash the exploiters of our times and present them as heroes.  The people, in a nutshell, have been excluded from possible heroism.  If they are to be ‘heroes’, it is only in service of those nations and perspectives that are represented by Spiderman, Captain America, Captain Britain, and so on. 

I don't see why heroes have to have superpowers as defined by Marvel, DC, Hollywood, or the Americans. It just reduces our definition of 'superpowers'. Believe in yourself to transcend the imaginative boundaries of any time.  And the first act of becoming a superhero is in questioning all that you hold to be true and realising that the the root of all evil finds its incubatory refuge in all that is perceived to be good by a people whom take an evil state of affairs as all natural.

In the quest to discover the truth, ed transcends the Marvel and Celeb Universe to become a superhero, one who walks with one foot in hell, the other in heaven, half devil, half angel, so that in discovering the path to hell, he may find the path to heaven. 



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