Nothing to 'Rejoice!' over Thatcher's Death

I received an email from SW (Socialist Worker Britain) with the heading 'Rejoice....that Thatcher is dead' - i was a former member of the Socialist Party UK, and later, the Socialist Worker's Party UK for a while.

I'm a Socialist myself, but i don't understand the need to 'rejoice'.

It's not like she's the one inflicting cuts all over the place at present in the UK is she. Yes, she set certain things in motion that are most certainly deplorable, but for the ball to keep rolling from her time to the present requires it to be given its continuing momentum by those that came after her, along with the impotent strategies of the Socialist in the UK in effecting change. (i'm not advocating violence here).

The Newtonian Principle of Inertia (where an object in motion continues along its path with equal force) does not apply in this case as the evils in British society has been given its impetus not solely by her, but all whom came after her as well.

Hence, her death, or rejoicing in its face, serves no purpose whatsoever. It may serve as a catharsis, but the problem still remains. Claiming victory over her death does not translate to being victorious over life.

(the article by SW is still quite enlightening and worth the read)