Charging the Fat more for Flights?

Samoa Air Boss defends charging passengers by weight

The head of Samoa Air has defended the airline's decision to start charging passengers according to their weight.
Chris Langton told Australia's ABC Radio that it was "the fairest way of travelling".
Rather than pay for a seat, passengers pay a fixed price per kilogram, which varies depending on the route length.
- bbc

(following comments from BBC Facebook)

ed: Logical yes. But does that translate to lesser-than-usual cost for the leaner ones. If not, this move just serves to divide the proles and profit from those whom are more 'endowed' amongst them.

Ron Moger: Excellent news! Why should I have the same luggage allowance as someone 25kg more than me?

Barry Williams: Why is charging people who are overweight on something where space and weight are at a premium discrimination? Stop all this PC nonsense, if you are fat you take up more room and add more weight to the aircraft. The weight of passengers is calculated using average weights. It doesn't take too many obese passengers to "tip the scales". Weight = fuel used.

Ed: Why are we arguing on the weight=fuel point? It's not like the airlines aren't making tons of money by cramming people in small spaces like cattle on a train. They just want to increase their profits in this case, that's all.

Jane Masterman: when did society get so cruel?

Ed: Logical 'progress' of capitalism. Mutual alienation, that's all. People are so used to it that many are quite beyond conceptualising an alternative self.

I think the possibility that many Samoans are overweight might have something to do with charging passengers according to their weight.  A profit-making strategy that relies on in-fighting between the lean and large for it's successful implementation.



  1. If this does not translate to lesser-than-usual cost for the leaner ones, then it's just a scheme to get people to pay more...


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