Why Jews, not Muslims, invited back to Spain

Sephardic Jews Invited Back to Spain after 500 Years
More than 500 years ago, tens of thousands of Jews fled Spain because of persecution. Now their descendants are being invited to return.

Before the infamous Spanish Inquisition of the 15th Century, some 300,000 Jews lived in Spain. It was one of the largest communities of Jews in the world.
Today, there are about 40,000 or 50,000 - but that number could be about to swell dramatically.

In November, Spain's justice minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon announced a plan to give descendants of Spain's original Jewish community - known as Sephardic Jews - a fast-track to a Spanish passport and Spanish citizenship.

"In the long journey Spain has undertaken to rediscover a part of itself, few occasions are as moving as today," he said.
- bbc

Spanish Intentions

Given the current economic climate in Spain, to let in the Sephardic Jews might be tantamount to putting them in a more economically advantaged and controlling position than the masses of Spaniards whom are economically disadvantaged. 

I'm also wondering if this might not be a ploy to divert Spanish workers’ anger toward the Jews from the local bourgeoisie, the government, and the system the latter two administer and profit from.


Muslim Exclusion

And as for Muslims whom aren’t being invited back to Spain after they were expelled in the historical past as ‘Moriscos’ in 1609, the reason is obvious enough isn’t it.  Whilst the Spanish elite can hope to work with the Jewish elite in controlling and profiting from the masses, they cannot hope to do likewise with Muslims as they wealth alone might not satisfy them given that they are a part of a universal brother/sisterhood that denies the self-centred centrality of the nation-state in their worldview. 

The bias of the western world, or most of the non-Muslim world for that matter, toward the Jews is obvious enough.  They (americans and western europeans) took Muslim land and gave it to the Jews; spent all the time since then putting down Muslim angst in the face of this injustice; and terming the more militant amongst them, ‘terrorists’.  Hence, I can understand that the Spanish wouldn’t want to create a ‘Gaza strip’ within their own state for Muslims to take on the west.  Something like the Americans not wanting Cuba to be communist for fear that the Soviets might install some missiles there and point it rudely at Beverly Hills. 

EU as Charles Martel

The formation of the EU is itself an effort to keep w.Europe ‘white’.  You could say that the EU is the present-day incarnation of Charles Martel (who stopped Muslim advance into  w.Europe from Spain in Tours, France, in 732 a.d.)  Well, if it wasn’t intentional, it certainly is a consequence. (I used to support the formation of the EU once given that it unites the working class in that region.  However, later, I realised that this also divides the working class from non-Western working classes, and would serve as a basis upon which racial/cultural fascism might arise....as it already is in some parts, including Britain)  Hence, the Spanish not extending a similar invitation to the ancestors of the Muslims evicted from Spain coincides with all of the above.

Battle of Tours, 732 a.d.

This is pretty much ridiculous given that the Muslims have contributed significantly to the cultural and intellectual development of Spain during their tenure there as their rulers.  They also rediscovered much of the knowledge that had lain dormant and cowering away from the authoritarian eyes of the Catholic elite, transmitted it back to the w.Europeans, and as a consequence, helped begin the Scientific revolution in the West.  I’m not saying that the Jews ought not to be invited back.  What I’m saying is that if the Jews can be invited back, the Muslims have a significant claim which should also be honoured.    If not, the claim that Spain wants to ‘rediscover a part of itself’ is pretty much biased.

In fact, this whole thing about how the ‘German Nazis’ were responsible for the Jewish Holocaust is just another way of exonerating the Europeans from complicity in an age-long persecution of the Jews so that the Europeans could finally emerge as their saviours without it coming across as the Europeans just trying to compensate for their past evils.  It was a masterful stroke on the part of the European elite, whether it was intentional or as a consequence, where they presented themselves as their saviours, pissed off the Muslims and put them at loggerheads with the Jews by taking Muslim land and giving it to the Jews, and then getting to the Jews to ally themselves with the west and keeping a watch over the Muslims in the Middle East.  Hitler and the Nazis, at the end of the day, was the final chapter in a long tale of European persecution of the Jews.

Jewish-Muslim Relations

I’m not too thrilled with Jewish-Muslim relations actually.  The Muslims being excluded is pretty strange, given that the Jews thrived under Muslim rule in Spain.  In fact, the ‘Golden Age of Jewish Culture‘ in Spain is attributed to the accommodation of Muslim-rule.   And when they were expelled from Spain, they sought refuge in Muslim lands under the control of the Ottomans.  And historically, the Muslims were far more accommodating of the Jews than the Europeans.  And yet, they didn’t think twice about evicting the Palestinians from their land, and keeping Muslim power down in the Middle East to protect it. 

This whole thing is a mess of elite-construction actually.  Putting it simply, they pissed off the Muslims so much and for so long, that when they include them within their borders, they’re going to be feeling their angst.  I suppose it is an attempt by some Muslims to compensate for this by taking over within Europe what they lost without.  I have to wonder if this isn't actually what the western elite desire.  There is talk of Muslims taking over parts of London, attempting to build huge mosques, setting up ‘Muslim Patrols’ and implementing ‘Islamic Law’ on passers-by, Muslim terrorists, etc, etc, etc.  But there is no talk of how Muslim sense of being excluded serves as the basis for the above.  And this just perpetuates this whole mess by creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that appears, to the common mind, to justify their continued exclusion. 

The solution is simple enough.  Redress past evils, and that will take away the foundation upon which some Muslims might feel excluded.  The Muslim sense of them being ‘the Chosen People‘ is far less than that of the Jews or the Europeans as evidenced by history.  If they are behaving in a ‘separatist‘ fashion now, I’d, logically, look at how the Europeans might have contributed to this.  There is a great price to be paid when we attempt to redress past evils.  But I dare say that the rewards will be far greater.

By the way, it is not my bias toward Muslims, but my Catholic faith, that inspires this article.  The Muslims, like all others, are my neighbours after all (‘love thy neighbour as thy self’ - the 13th Commandment of Christ). 



  1. Just thought I'd add a few things to your post here. The Jews thrived under Muslim rule in Al-Andalus and in the Ottoman Empire, it's true, but that was only relative to how they were treated elsewhere. It should be remembered that they were still a second class citizenry and that in current times, the egalitarian ideals of Western society offer Jewish people the best chance of living a life that is not hampered in any way by their faith.

    One would think that, having been afforded the best chances under Islamic rule, where they were integrated into the society in a recognized and legally ensured manner (dhimmi/millet system), Jewish people would be more disposed toward treating Muslims well in modern times. I think, though, that given the fact that every place Jews have ever lived has eventually turned against them, engaged in mass executions and rioting, and/or expulsion and confiscation of property and wealth, that there is a fear that no one can be trusted anymore. Now that the Jews have a place that belongs to them, where they have sovereignty, and aren't second class citizens or even accommodated by Western liberalism, but are the rightful and legal citizens of their own state, they are loathe to concede even a portion of it for fear that things will go back to how they were before, where Jews are at the mercy of the whims of the host countries. The things about Israel is that it gives Jews everywhere a social status that they never had. There's a difference between a 'Jew', in the historical sense, and a resident from another country, with legal rights, since all Jews can potentially be an Israeli citizen. Think of how the Palestinians in the refugee camps are treated now.

    Anyhow, my reaction to the invitation of Jews to return to Spain is that I have to ask, why now? What's going on in Spain? The economy is faltering, right? So maybe this invitation is based on the still prevalent stereotype that all Jews have money, or are good at making money, and that installing new Jews in the economy will somehow revitalize it and bring Spain as a whole out of its economic slump. If it were just a matter of good will, I imagine it would have been an invitation to descendants of both Spanish Jews and Muslims. But think of the difference. Muslims are scary and blow things up. Jews make money. Or so stereotypes would have us believe.


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