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NZ workers’ unionisation of McDonald’s an ‘Achievement’?

A small, spunky union in New Zealand has become one of the most successful fast food organizing efforts in the world, with more than 4,000 members at KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, and Wendy’s.
- labornotes: how workers super-sized their pay in nz

I first 'Liked' the above, and then, on second thoughts.....

Achieving worker's rights within a culturally hegemonic organisation that sells rubbish food distracts one from the reality of the it obviously has in this case amongst (bourgeois) socialists.

I'm waiting for the time when workers get together and SHUT DOWN McDonalds. Now THAT would be an achievement.

As for the above 'achievement', that's like unionising Al Qaeda or the CIA. How nice. The virtue is not in the act of unionising, but what hell you are unionising. McDonald's magnanimity in this case serves as another effort on their part in sanitizing and sanctifying their image.

Alright, i'm going to 'Unlike' this now...



  1. LOL...shut down Mcdonalds and have us pay 8 dollars for a decent cup of coffee? Maybe we should also close down those shops and cafes that are jumping on the organic bandwagon...exploiting people's quest for a healthier lifestyle by rendering healthy eating an elitist affair is just appalling.

  2. The point is not to close them down, but to take them over.  But i didn't make that point above because to make McDonald's food healthy would simply mean it ceases to be the McDonald's we are accustomed to.  And i don't know how closing McDonald's down means a decent cup of coffee is going to cost 8 dollars.

  3. The 8 dollars comment was not mean to be taken literally. It simply meant that we are presented with the option of either opting for "rubbish food" at a cheaper price or for organic food at staggeringly high prices.
    Either way, you're damned and like I said, healthy living has been turned into an elitist affair. Nvm...


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