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No!, to UK's 'The No Party'

'No Party's' Facebook logo

The No! Party's statement: We are sick and tired of reading or hearing about the fresh mistakes that this "government" of ours is making and imposing on it's people. It's time something was done. Now, in times gone by, if you didn't like your leaders, you just rounded up a posse and marched on the capital, dragging out the decadent oppressing rulers and doing something violent.

However, this is a more civilised age ...and so the weapons with which to conduct such a campaign are words, reason, information and action.

We believe that this political system in this country is broken. What the UK needs is a fresh start. A new beginning. A new party, it's members untainted by the failures of the past.

We intend to form a new political party called "The NO Party" and contest the next Election on a massive scale. But We can't do it alone and without support, we will only embarrass ourselves.

So, if you agree with our idea and want to know more, "Like" this message. Then encourage others to do so. We need a headcount of how many are willing to aid. Then the fight can begin.
- No! Party

(the 'No! Party' supports the death penalty)

(the following is extracted from comments on the aforelinked page)

Rebecca: Its about time the people of the uk got their rights back and stood for what they believe in. We spend too long arguing amongst ourselves when we should be uniting against a corrupt government!


Hi Rebecca,

We cannot solely build a unity on the basis of our opposition to a wicked government, but on the basis of the virtue of our beliefs regardless of said wicked government. 

Fixation on unity against an evil usually serves as the backdoor via which other evils are slipped into our itinerary by 'No Parties' or otherwise - such as the No Party's support for the death penalty.  We just end up trading one form of selfish self-interest for another. 

In yelling out a resounding and unified NO!, we need to also pay mind to what we are saying YES! to.  Our empathetic and collective conscience has to serve as the vanguard of any party.  It is not a more palatable hell that i seek.



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