'Marvel Ultimate' comic application, in pictures

What a coincidence.  The last comic i read was about 30 years ago - Archie, Beano, and Dandy - till the 18th of March when i bought my first series of comics - Avengers - from Arthur, of In2Comics.co.uk who holds a stall in Harlow Town on Saturdays and Mondays.  Then after some checking out of comics on the net, i discovered the Marvel 'App', and a few minutes later, the Marvel Ultimate app which allows one unlimited access to thousands of Marvel comics dating back to the 60s.

The only problem is that one will not be able to access the latest comics till about 6 months later so that Marvel can kindly provide people with the 'incentive' to buy either the hardcopy or digital version of the latest comics.  How nice of them.  I'd recommed that you go for the hardcopy because you will also get a code in the comic to get the digital version.

Anyway, i signed up with them as i thought that i'll still be able to access their earlier comics whilst waiting for the later delivery of current comics.  For 60 usd per year, i thought that was a steal.  I told V, my companion, 'if we just stick to checking out comics that we buy, we'll be limiting our experience to that which we buy.'  We can't, after all, buy everything out there can we.  But this way, we can access comics via Marvel's app, and we can be more discerning in what we buy. 

In fact, i think, people tend to buy more comics that they normally would because of a sense of deprivation, or thinking we're 'missing out'.  But once this is circumvented by such online subscriptions, a calm sets in, and we might just buy comics that we really like without feeling deprived because we have online access to other comics as well.  Save cost, whilst maximising our experience.

That said, I dare say my picking up comics would do much to dispel the silly notion that it is a 'geek' thing. 

Alright.  On to the pictorial overview.....and you can click the images for a larger view if you like :)

Marvel Unlimited app on my tablet
App Launches
Home screen
Library tab - comic download in progress
'Browse' tab - Series
'Browse' tab - Characters
'Browse' tab - Creators
'Browse' tab - Comic Events
'Account' tab
'Library' tab - selecting to read
The Comic
The Comic

I do have a few hangups with the application.

1. I hate the title tab on top of the comic that is both distractive, and also takes up space thus reducing the size of the comic page itself.

2.  Downloads to your library can stall and you might have to attempt it a few times.

3.  The software is prone to crashing at times.

4.  When you tap the screen to swipe the page, left and right arrows might appear.  Upon using these arrows to turn the page, the arrows will still remain and you'll have to tap the screen again to dismiss it.

5.  Some of the comics' series have gaps.  In other words, you might get issue 1-20, and then it jumps to 30 and onwards.  Marvel should have, and be putting up, these comics in numerical order.

6.  The numerical order at times can be quite jumbled up.  You might find issue number 50, followed by issue number 65, and then, issue number 51 further down.

All that said, this app is pretty new for tablets, so i hope that the increasing, and increasingly mobile market, might give these corporate gits a reason to pull their thumbs out of their posteriors and do something about it.

All in all, i have no regrets subscribing to this service for the reasons detailed in the topmost paragraphs.  It is certainly an aesthetic and imaginative pleasure to peruse this as a side-dish to my oft-swiped digital versions of P.G. Wodehouse, Sherlock Holmes, Night Watch series, etc, etc.  We gotta keep the child within alive to keep the adult in us growing don't we.

my first comic series



  1. For some reasons, society has labeled comic books are for young adults or for geeks and nerds who sit around and play dungeons and dragons all day. I think comic books are a lot more interesting than those Celeb Magazines that write about crappy celebrities and their latest boyfriend/girlfriend squabbles. Doesn't that make you sick? I find comic books are intellectually stimulating, visually captivating, and cheap. Compare to movies, in a comic book it provides depth and inner thought for every character while in a movie the audience can't hear the inner voice of the character. So in my opinion, comics provide the best of both worlds.


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