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Briefly, on the Iron Man, 'Believe', comics

The new Iron Man comic is pretty good.  No, i'm not going to stop at, 'Wow! Awesome', and give it a thumbs-up 'Like', and be done with it.  Like good ole Descartes said a short while back, 'Cogito ergo Sum' ('I think, therefore I am').  He didn't think just 'Liking' something with a 'thumbs-up' is clear evidence of intelligent thought, unlike most of the serial 'Likers' out there these days.  If something is worth a thumbs-up, it is worth a thoughtful forefinger on the temple, and further expression.  If not, you're just training yourself to be an idiot.

Anyway, back to Iron Man....

click image for larger view

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The graphics are superb.  It is clean, clear cut, great facial and physical expressions, and most importantly, the language and plot seems to be of a more adult nature - unlike the first issue of the Superior Spider-man which is juvenile in art-form, language, and plot.  I like pastimes that does not require one to have a sit-back-braindead-and-be-entertained like a comatose patient on a life-preserving intravenous most people these days. 

Of course, Iron Man is not socio-political philosophy, but at least, when taking a break from that, or from more intellectually and aesthetically demanding and rewarding concerns, one can still feed one's aesthetic and intellectual sense, albeit to a lesser degree.

Like i've said for quite a while, doing what is relatively juvenile and fun, so long as it is still intellectually and aesthetically developmental, can actually provide primitive fuel for more advanced pastimes.  Without such youthful fuel to remind us to be curious and adventurous, we'll just end up being mired in our adult pastimes in well-worn and familiar ways.  In other words, we won't question what we are doing or thinking in the adult realm. 

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That said, one must still protect oneself from the negative associations that come with some comics, or most 'entertaining' media these days.  Iron Man, for instance, whilst good in the respects mentioned above, still whitewashes the class system as he is a rich bloke and part of the exploitative elite.  This is not presented negatively, and he is still perceived as ‘part of the solution’ in his fight against ‘evil’. 

But the problem is, when a member of the elite, be it celeb, royalty, sport-star, actor, singer, etc, is presented as ‘part of the solution’ in the fight against any sort of evil, we are distracted from the fact that s/he is also a part of the problem.  In that sense, the elite is presented as not being a part of ‘evil’ itself since a metallically-endowed and wealthy member of the elite is fighting evil.  Get it? 

That said, that doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy such comics, or related movies.  It’s just that we must be aware of the problems with it, resist its attempt to incorporate us into their self-serving idea of evil, and then proceed to enjoy it. 



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