“Why have the White Brits left London?” That’s fucking racist that.

Something quite remarkable happened in London in the first decade of the new millennium. The number of white British people in the capital fell by 620,000 - equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow moving out.

The consequence, as revealed by the latest census, is that white Brits are now in a minority in London, making up just 45% of its residents.
- bbc: Why have the white British left London?

When I did the ‘Life in the UK’ test recently in London, I was surprised that all whites in the UK were lumped together as one ethnic group, whilst all non-whites were lumped together under another despite most of them being British, and further sub-divided along ethnic/national lines - see the note at the bottom of the above image from the 3rd chapter of the Life in the UK test 2012 edition (click to enlarge image).  This was certainly gross colour-bias by the Home Office.  It implies that non-white=foreign even though lots of whites are of foreign origin themselves from w.Europe.  It is an effort to garner solidarity amongst the whites by colour alone, despite lots of them not being British. 

The same goes for this article.  ‘White Brits’ are now in a ‘minority’ in London.  Shouldn’t they be talking about Brits vs. Non-Brits, despite colour?  Or do they think that the Polish and Russian have Yorkshire puddings and Cornish Pasties as their local delicacies, and wave flags whenever the Queen saunters by. 

I’m not saying that we should discuss the degree to which Brits, whatever the tone and tincture of their pigmentation, are outnumbered by non-Brits.  I’m saying that if it is discussed, why should there be a division on the basis of colour?  For goodness sakes, the Blacks did more for the UK than most white Brits with their ‘free’ enslaved labour in the historical past didn’t they.  The Indians died in their millions producing cash crops for the ‘white Brits’ didn’t they.  So what the fuck, if you’ll pardon the English, are these colour-divisionists, or ‘fucking racists’ for short, talking about. 

I see something really insidious going on here.  With the racist formation of the European Union, which excludes non-whites from cross-migration since the EU is largely made up of whites, there is now an effort to get rid of the national division between all whites and form a common ground on the basis of colour.  And hence, non-White British are being demonised as outsiders in articles such as this, and the ‘Life in the UK’ textbook issued by the Home Office - which everyone applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (permanent residency) or Citizenship has to study, and pass a related test.....which I passed with ease at first try, and was the first to leave the test room :) )

This is top-down racism that we are seeing here.  It has not really affected the population to a significant degree, but without vigilance, it might.  This is going to cause racial polarisation.  When people are deemed an ‘other’ on the basis of colour, they are sent a clear message that integration is out because whilst I might develop a penchant for alcoholism and overeating like many white British, I’m still doing it whilst encased in a different colour.  That is when people, in their desire to feel that they are a part of group will tend to seek out the only thing that is left, ‘their own’.  That is when ‘fundamentalism’ rises as people began to take on the cultural traits and idiosyncracies of their foreparents in an effort to develop a distinctive ‘culture’.  It is a self-fullfilling prophecy of sorts actually. 

I’m not saying that people did not tend to ‘stick to their own’ initially when they came here.  That is a natural and insecure first reaction.  You don’t see the ‘white Brits’ integrating as much with the Spanish when they move over there, or in other parts of the world do you.  But the degree to which others make us feel welcome, does have a great impact on the degree to which we might be inclined to think that there is another way to view things than the way we are culturally accustomed to.

BBC reports such as this, Home Office booklets that divides on the basis of colour, PMs talking linking worship of the Monarchy and our being historically Christian (though we aren’t allowed to wear crosses whilst working in many places), doesn’t help does it.  Why don’t the British people take the colonial attitude and realise that if we can be enriched by the blood, sweat and lives of others, so can we by some of the positive elements that might be contained in the culture of others as well.