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HMV: another High Street Git Goes Belly-Up

Well, some pretty wise bloke with a beard did state more than a hundred years ago that the logic of capitalism ensures that bigger fish eat smaller ones, and that this will result in greater unemployment and so on.

Of course if the people did take charge for once in their peasant existence, things wouldn't reach this stage would it.  It is just a case of suffering the consequences of our prior and continuing inaction. 

All of this, in part, exacerbated by the nonsensical ‘brand consciousness’ that basically sees the proles joining in the infighting of corporations by ‘being a fan’ of this or that company and ‘liking’ their respective facebooks sites.  The mind boggles at this gross stupidity on the part of the modern peasantry.

If more high street shops shut down because of lower online prices, and unemployment increases, then all that is left to be done is to nationalise online industries that have caused high street shops to close down i suppose.

So boo hoo to job losses and to HMV’s closure.  I don’t see any reason for nostalgia here.  That’s like Afro-Americans feeling nostalgic about cotton-fields.  If we kept this in mind, and didn't just sit back and let the fat cats run the roost, we'd be shareholders of the High Street.



  1. What you have pointed out is the fundamental root cause of capitalism that most people are not aware of as they are living and breathing capitalism which they think is normal or “is like that one la” (as singapore chinese will say). In fact, the downfall of HMV probably has left many music/movie lovers reeling and spending their HMV vouchers or gift cards, if they have any. For most people, this is a good chance to get the products at discounted prices. Most people do not take any action to prevent corporations from taking tonnes of monies from them but they will celebrate when they are able to take a penny back from them.
    When a business ends, another closely related business will open with a new business name and a more updated business model, and the business cycle will start over again – this is capitalism. Unless people start to realise and take charge, their lives will be controlled by Capitalism. Such is the world of today…


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