anti-Muslim sentiments and the EDL

Linda Rivera:
I’m deeply grieved over UK ruling elite traitors who are giving away our homeland to global Islam.
What is the going price to sell out Britain?
Not a single one of the 56 Muslim nations would give away their countries and colonize their countries with non-Muslims. Not one.
It has been commented that after UK ruling elites have utterly destroyed Britain and achieved total Muslim conquest and transformed Britain into total hell on earth, the wealthy UK ruling elites will then escape to some island paradise.
- barenakedIslam

The following is a comment placed in response to the above statement, on the aforementioned racist, or if you view that term as inaccurate, then call it a 'religionist' or 'culturalist' site.

You already sold the UK to royalty, celebs, and the elite.  And having done so, and not having the brain or brawn to do something about that, you're attempting to seek out difference so that you can marginalise it to compensate for the consequences of your aforementioned stupidity. 

It is usually in the case of a siege-mentality that people tend to become 'fundamentalist' as they look back to whatever identity their 'foreparents' left them as existing and integrative identities are relatively unavailable due to racism, etc.  What we have to ask is to what degree we have contributed to said mentality.  Once, by fact and not fiction, we have exonerated ourselves from complicity, then we can view the other as a possible problem in culture, if not race.

These attacks, such as the recent one in Bingham are inevitably going to fuel said siege-mentality, and hence, make their being a problem a self-fulfilling prophecy of our own creation. 

That said, looking at the cretinous remarks of some of the troglodytes here, i dare say the above thoughts have been cast like the proverbial pearls to swine.  But what has to be said has to said, in the hope that some amongst them might raise their heads from the trough and think a bit further than they are accustomed to.

end comment -------

I sometimes think that these 'religionist' or 'culturalist' arguments are founded, fundamentally, on racist tendencies.  It is very convenient for people, or those cretins comprising the EDL, or English Defence League, to claim that their movement against the Muslims is not a racist venture because 'Muslim' isn't a race.  But these idiots know that by and large, there is a coincidence between 'Muslim' and 'non-white' - just as the concept of the EU favours the cross-migration of whites and not non-whites as the EU largely comprises 'whites'. 

Yes.  The EDL might have some non-white members, but how much is this a cover for more neo-Nazi tendencies i wonder.  Or perhaps, the inclusion of non-whites might just serve to indicate that not all members of the EDL are racist but ultra-nationalists.  But, as history has proven, ultra-nationalists and racists are usually different denominations of the same faith. 

Ham-wrapped Cross left outside
Mr Alam's House in Bingham
But what is a fact is that there is a strong association between Islam and non-white.  And given that there is a gross failure amongst EDL's members and other neo-Nazis and fascists in Britain to objectively consider the sociological and psychological reasons for some Muslim militancy and belligerance, this lack of objectivity would certainly serve as the basis upon which the cause of the EDL can easily swing toward racism - as racism is oftentimes founded on one's inability to be objective about things.   

Finally, the very name 'English Defence League' has racist or highly ethnocentric connotations.  Just as some Muslims might look back toward their culture of the foreparents for an identity as they are not afforded an integrative - as opposed to an assimilative - identity in their current location, the EDL themselves, in the face of a Muslim 'other', and their own 'English' refusal to integrate, will find themselves looking back to appreciate and take on the culture of their 'English' foreparents.

Where would that leave the non-white members of their organisation then?  Simple.  Assimilate to our 'English' ways, or just be a minority - same thing happens in the face of Chinese fascist supremacists throughout s.e.Asia in the face of difference.  They'll tolerate your existence, ignore the difference in you, so long as you're a minority, and you go by their cultural rules.  I dare say that the EDL, given its hodgepodge of racists, ultra-nationalists, English-cultural revivalists, and others of their ilk will have no alternative but to go this way.

In the compromise between different evils, you're only going to get a good that is acceptable to all evils, and which can hence be anything but good per se.