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Thoughts on the Newtown Shootings

I suppose keeping guns legal in the U.S. enables the people to fear each other enough to not take down the system that thrives on mutual antagonism, exploitation, and other modern forms of historical rape, pillage, and plunder.

That said, i'm speechless in the face of this i am in the face of the close-to-half-a-million children who died in Iraq due to U.S. embargoes.


Two people attempting to subdue the assailant in this tragedy if he was armed only with a knife would stand a better chance of not being shot when they are yet to approach him, and hence, would probably have before much, if any, damage is done.

Yup.  People kill, not guns, but i wouldn't want to make it convenient or expeditious for potential killers by legalising guns. 


America commits violence against others and their own; they promote violent computer games; gore and violent movies; promote mutual antagonism and competition by championing capitalism......

oh, and within this context, they legalise the ownership of guns. Just another means to articulate whatever tendencies are reinforced by all of the above. Tragic.


(above placed as comments beneath the above-pictured article.)


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