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I prefer a 'traditional Christmas' as opposed to a 'traditional British Christmas'

With the Christmas dinner done, writer Will Self says that the UK's collective new year resolution should be to bring an end to the national obsession with food.
Are you full yet? Stuffed? Fit to burst? I do hope so. After all, no-one but a Scrooge with an eating disorder would wish people to stint themselves over the festive season.

bbc: a point of view: the neverending culinary merry-go-round

(the following was sent as a comment to the BBC with regards to the above article)

Frankly, i think the Brits eat too much meat during the season....and at other times as well, but i can understand that to some extent as it does help keep one warm.  But then again, i substituted the traditional Christmas Turkey with smoked salmon and a bit of chicken roasted in muld wine. 
It went down well.  I also did away with the traditional christmas sweets and calories with just a couple of chocs from a tin of 'Roses'.  I then proceeded to wash it all down with half a glass of traditional muld wine purchased from M&S.  That was indulgence enough for me.  After all, according to the tradition of Christmas itself, a table and half-full of food, sweets and a couple of crates of booze isn’t a traditional part of the nativity scene i think.

I get more pleasure in giving gifts than engaging in seasonal gluttony. The former, i do find to be more full-filling, and traditionally Christmassy, if not traditionally British

But most importantly, all of the above didn't compromise my Christmassy spirit, and it left quite a bit for me to spend of pressies for others as well.  I know all of this isn't very 'British', but perhaps it ought to be.  I get more pleasure in giving gifts than engaging in seasonal gluttony.  The former, i do find to be more full-filling, and traditionally Christmassy, if not traditionally British :)



  1. Many people tend to eat and drink too much during this season. J The meaning of Christmas seems to be forever in danger of being lost by all the commotion and promotion of the season. Like you, I prefer to spend my Christmas giving rather than engaging in gluttony. Giving does not necessarily come in the form of a gift. It’s the genuine concern and sincere interest you show to another human without any ulterior motive and that is the true Christmas spirit you can practise throughout the year. That was what I learned from you last Christmas.


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