America attempting to get its talons into Syria


Ever since yesterday, when Turkey ‘responded’ to a ‘Syrian’ mortar attack on the former’s border town with shelling of its own, the BBC, the u.s., etc, have been condemning said ‘Syrian’ attack.

Now, i won’t be surprised if it is the u.s. itself whom bombarded the Turkish border town; or it were u.s. supported dissidents in Syria; or Syrian dissidents doing so in order to provoke Turkish action against the Syrian government so that their job in toppling the Syrian government would be made easier. 

However, for want of evidence, i’d say that it is most likely that it is the Syrian resistance whom are behind it.  Anyone with more than a modicum of commonsense would know that it would be ridiculous for Syria to willfully bombard Turkey.  That would be a ridiculously stupid thing to do as it might see the Syrian resistance and Turkey forming an alliance of some sort to get rid of the Syrian regime; or destabilise the Syrian government by the Turks conducting military action inside Syria - which has now been approved by the Turkish parliament. 

Anyone with more than a modicum of commonsense would know that it would be ridiculous for Syria to willfully bombard TurkeyThe intentions of the UN Security Council, comprising the permanent members, U.S, U.K, Russia, France, and China, is quite clear given their wording of of the condemnation of the ‘Syrian’ attack - that it impacted on ‘international peace and stability’.  From the wording itself, it is clear that they were stating that this is threatening global peace and stability, and hence, would justify their direct action against Syria. 

Thankfully, Russia blocked this draft and had it changed to ‘regional peace and stability’.  From this, we can tell that the U.S., and allies, are desirous of getting rid of the Syrian government whom have been quite a thorn in their backsides for a long while, and from that fact, we can go on to plausibly surmise that the u.s. might have something to do with ‘Syrian’ attacks on the Turkish border town.

At the very most, if the shelling did originate from the Syrian armed forces, it would have certainly been an accident as intentionally provoking the Turks would play into the hands of the u.s. and allies, and the rebels as well.  Given that, to constantly call it an ‘attack’, and assume that it was the Syrian government whom were responsible, is basically an effort to stoke international support for UN attacks on Syria as they did in the case of Libya not too long ago, and as they did with Afghanistan and Iraq before that - also as an effort to get rid of all possible supporters of anti-Israel Iran before moving in on them as well.