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briefly now...Is it fair to circumcise newborn boys and etc

Is it fair to circumcise newborn boys? Should they not have a choice?

I don't see why not.

It's not like we give children a choice when we turn on the telly and a Macdonald's ad comes on, or the anthem rings out worship for an overprivileged chick, or we thrust an elite-enriching and celeb-worshiping system on them as all-natural. Why are we so careful about giving them a choice over a useless piece of skin but not that which is more significant.   Looks like ‘choice’ is increasingly being limited to the unimportant as a compensation for taking other evils as the norm.

Anyway, i'm not circumcised, and don't see the need amongst those who can have daily showers and access to soap.  That said, i’m born with it, and am kind of attached to it. (pun intended)  As for giving the baby a choice when it comes to circumcision, you could always get it to wink once for ‘yes’, and a ‘centre-finger’ for no.

How Can you Get to Sleep in Hot, Humid Weather?

Like i do...sleep nude, thin blanket for comfort as opposed to warmth, and, oh, get a fan.  Shaving yourself in the appropriate places helps make it a less sticky experience too. I do it for style, not practicality, but it does help in the summer.

Why Do We Procrastinate So Much?

For most, the art of urgency is confined to work...and hence, they take a break from a sense of urgency via procrastination. You could call procrastination, in this case, recuperation-cum-degeneration as learning and advance is mainly confined to that which profits their bosses....which is why i don’t rate the need to be maritally fidelitous very highly.


(above questions from BBC Magazine.  Responses above first posted at the stated site on Facebook.)


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