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Olympics 2012: Poor Yu Yang

One of the Chinese badminton players disqualified from the Olympics says she is quitting the sport, saying her dream has been "heartlessly shattered".

"This is my last time competing. Goodbye Badminton World Federation; goodbye beloved badminton," Yu Yang said on her Twitter-like weibo account. - bbc

“Poor girl”, ed thought, “she was, after all, just doing the bidding of her coach, who was probably doing the bidding of the CCP, an acronym, in my books, that stands for, 'Conniving Confucian Prats'.” 

(calling them ‘communists’, as in Chinese Communist Party, would be inaccurate for the simple reason that they weren’t.  They were 'state capitalists' who utilised the Legalist-Confucian approach to bring it about and maintain it.  The west had little understanding of this philosophy, and so they confused it for ‘Communism’....whilst the western, and later, eastern, elite used this ‘misunderstanding’ to popularise the notion that communism was a bad thing and that capitalism was the only way to go.)

This is China we’re talking about mate.  A proud 2000 year old tradition - from 221b.c. - of mindlessly following the elite and working hard to get around the inevitable consequences of doing so - that is the essence of Chinese ‘pragmatism’.  In such a climate, the elite will always have to be seen to be perfect even if they far from.  So scapegoating is a part of the culture of maintaining the transfigured status of the Sons of Heaven.

It would have to be this dual process of directing blame from the Party that has seen these actions by both Yu Yang and the Coach. It's just a dual sleight of hand, that's all.Surely this Yu Yang was not so obtuse as to think that she wouldn’t be disqualified especially after being told by the referee/umpire/guy with the black card/angry white man/ that they would be disqualified if they continued to tease the net with their shuttlecock.  So to be ‘heartlessly shattered’ when she is finally disqualified is kind of ridiculous.  So she’s either just plain stupid, or she was told to throw the game, and had no choice. 

Hence, we can understand why Yu Yang quit, and why the Coach, whom I observed, if i'm not mistaken, clapping for her after she lost the game - which shows that she had done what was expected of her.  Her quitting relieves the coach of some blame because it comes across as her decision to mess about with the game; whilst the Coach’s taking the blame on himself relives the CCP from scrutiny as to their complicity.  This is the order by which the party is exonerated.  If not, it makes no sense at all for Yu Yang to quit.

It would have to be this dual process of directing blame from the Party that has seen these actions by both Yu Yang and the Coach.  It's just a dual sleight of hand, that's all.  She must have quit because she was told to for the purpose of directing attention away from Party complicity, or she was really frustrated that she was told to throw the game and was disqualified.  If so, she's quitting in disillusionment with her hallowed Middle Kingdom, but she can't say that or she might find herself and her family being whisked away to a gulag to be 'rehabilitated'.

And of course, China would ‘respect the decision to disqualify its players’ given that this show of magnanimity from the ‘Middle Kingdom’s’ elite would further enable them to distance themselves from the consequences of their directives.

Poor Yu Yang.  She’s got the ed meister’s sympathy.



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