Mountain Lion Institutionalises Apple’s iCloud

This release seems to be geared toward making the fat cats running apple more money through this iCloud nonsense.   Previously, the iCloud was an add-on, now, it’s an instant-on. 

Perhaps one can disable it.  But the point is, it is one of the main features of Apples’ Mountain Lion, and to get it for its other features, which are quite insignificant, one might be inclined to just use this iCloud anyway to get their money’s worth - and end up spending even more on this iCloud nonsense as a consequence as they find their ‘free’ space used up in no time. 

Previously, the iCloud was an add-on, now, it’s an instant-on.Well, Apple knows that’s how people think.  Hence, Mountain Lion.  The thing is, when a feature is an ‘add-on’, and not an out-of-the-box integral part of the system, there is a chance of its market-failure or people questioning it, or demanding something else.  But once it is part of the system, that’s when people start seeing it as a normal part of it, begin using it, and will generally be less inclined to thinking about even better and unpaid alternatives.  I always wondered why I can’t just sync my ipad, Mac, and MacBook Pro, without a paid-for iCloud.  But Apple isn’t going to make even more billions if they made this available would they.  I can’t believe that people are actually going to pay for an operating system that is basically designed to extract more money out of them.

In a generic sense, what Apple is doing is getting people used to the idea of paying for that which might be gotten for free, or less cost.  This is going to have knock-on effects on general perceptions on lots of other things as well.  People are going to be even more inclined toward ‘going with the flow’, and ‘what’s trendy’, and set their minds at rest, literally.

I can’t believe that people are actually going to pay for an operating system that is basically designed to extract more money out of them. Those foolish people buying into this nonsense are relegating the possibility of synching our devices without an iCloud an irreverent place in the trash can without so much as a crunch sound effect. Thanks to that profiteering plonker, Jobs, and all those mindless consumers whom, like kids, are just simply awed by the shiny and new and cease to cogitate.

For myself, i’m sticking to Snow Leopard.  I know that in the future, Apple’s going to force everyone to upgrade.  When that happens, i’ll have no choice.  But even then, the ed will still say, “Apple can stick their iCloud up their backsides, just as I hope Jobs is getting it up the backside with a red hot poker and an apple in his mouth wherever he is.”



  1. You are absolutely correct, Ed. When it is part of the system, people are just going to use it and pay when they run out of space. That's how the corporations get more money out from us! Very methodically, they get you hooked on first and unknowingly we cannot escape. Similarly some corporations would offer some services for free for a certain trial period and users need to remember to cancel their subscriptions or risk getting charged after the free trial.

  2. Yup. Soon, more and more across the world are going to become Confucian and say, 'it's like that one lahhhh'....except they might say it in better English.

    Socialists have to get vocal about these things if not they are going to suffer losses via fronts, like IT, which they deem irrelevant. I dare say I might be the only Socialist on the planet to realise this....unfortunately.


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