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‘Liking’ products on Facebook is a Scam mate

Yup.  We are living in an age of extreme scams passed off as not. 

We have ‘beta-testers’ who test products from big corps for free; people who provide all kinds of information on forums and all over the internet as to how products may be improved and which is mined, for free again, by companies; we have products leaving out features and functions so as necessitate the purchase of additional products (the icloud Instead of corporations, from companies that do chocolate and tablets to the Oscars and Academy Awards, trying to convince you that what they do and produce is good, we have tens of thousands of ‘thumbs-ups‘ from you doing it for my favourite example); we have products having an inbuilt Achilles Heel, in other words, a component that will malfunction sooner than the rest of the product thus necessitating another purchase; we have brands becoming identities that enables the sale of ‘branded’ products for many many times its price to unthinking consumeristic morons;...

.....and we have idiots depressing corporations’ ‘like’ buttons on Facebook, thus providing them free ratings that ups their profits and gets you nothing.  Instead of corporations, from companies that do chocolate to the Oscars and Academy Awards, trying to convince you that what they do and produce is good, we have tens of thousands of unpaid ‘thumbs-ups‘ from you doing it for them.  We should not allow the term ‘piracy’ to be defined only by that which compromises the profit margins of the corporations, singers, musicians, and actors, out there mate.

I sometimes wonder if the ed is one of the last of the cogitating beings on the planet.



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