Does Inactivity Kill?....or misinformation?

Inactivity Killing as many as smoking

A lack of exercise is now causing as many deaths as smoking across the world, a study suggests.
The report, published in the Lancet to coincide with the build-up to the Olympics, estimates that about a third of adults are not doing enough physical activity, causing 5.3m deaths a year.

It is recommended that adults do 150 minutes of moderate exercise , such as brisk walking, cycling or gardening, each week.”  ~  bbc

Inactivity + type of diet....are more significant factors. 

We cannot separate inactivity from diet, and expect it to have universal prognostic application.  A person with a bad diet being as active as a person with a good diet can still be considered 'inactive', relatively speaking, given the amount of rubbish the former has to clear out as opposed to the latter.  Hence, the ‘minimum’ exercise required by a person has to take into consideration, amongst others, their diet.

The 'researchers' failing to consider this might actually be contributing to the deaths they purport to avert as a one-size-fits-all recommendation is given to both the teetotaller-cum-vegan and the couple of bottles of wine-cum-a Big British Breakfast/fry-ups/desserts a day person.

Fear, after all, is a great tool to keep the individual focused on her/imself as opposed to the interests of the collective.I have to wonder after the perspectival qualifications of the so-called ‘researchers’ behind the above ‘study’.   I’m beginning to suspect that these ‘studies’ that the BBC, amongst others in the mainstream media keep coming up with, is purposed to reinforce focus on oneself, increase the preponderance of self-centred fear, and increase the number of deaths or level of insecurity in the world.

Fear,  after all, is a great tool to keep the individual focused on her/imself as opposed to the interests of the collective. 



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