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Apple and Samsung patent battle’s a big joke

A court has banned sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the US while it decides on the firm's patent dispute with Apple.
Apple has claimed that Samsung infringed its design patent and copied the look of its popular device, the iPad. - bbc

I find this, ‘who took whose ideas’ situation between Apple and Samsung quite the big joke.  Where do you think Apple and Samsung got these ideas from? 
People known as ‘employees’.  And whilst these ‘employees’ can get sacked, retrenched, retired, etc, Apple and Samsung keep making money of their ideas don’t they.  And the exploiters controlling both companies make tons of money as well don’t they.  And let’s not forget that both companies, amongst all others, will be trawling the net looking for ideas in forums, design trends, beta testers, people suggesting new ideas, etc, etc, etc, and taking their ideas without paying them a cent either.  In other words, these exploitative corporations get 'their' ideas by outsourcing it to either retrenchable labour, or free labour.  Which one are you?

And one can just as well say that Apple copied the look of their childishly named, ‘iPad’, from the Star Trek series, or from a piece of rectangle paper, or got the idea of ordering of their apps in columns and rows from how books are organised in libraries, or tin of food in supermarkets. 

The people are misdirected by being made to focus on one evil and hence missing out on the overarching one.And i’m sure that both the Apple and Samsung fanboys will be duking it out with each other arguing who’s right and wrong, whilst missing the points made here completely.  And it is ‘news’ like this that actually trains people to miss the fundamental issues behind the issues.  The people are misdirected by being made to focus on one evil and hence missing out on the overarching one.

As for Patents, they should be quashed once the person who holds it has covered their cost of production, and made a particular and reasonable amount of profit.  Allowing one to continue to hold a patent and make limitless money from it simultaneously gives them the resources to determine the evolution of a product according to their terms.  What we should be determining here is what profit-amount is reasonable.

So when these companies start to squabble about who took whose ideas, all the ed meister has to say, besides the above is, ‘go stiff yourselves and your patent arrogance and greed’.   

The capitalist system, when all is said and done, is nothing but a system that gives everyone the right to aspire to be a self-absorbed bastard, but only allows a few to be that at any given time and place, and make victims of the rest of the aspirants.   Amen.



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