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Strikers waste 24 hours in London

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are taking part in a 24-hour UK-wide strike in a dispute with the government over pension changes.
The government says current pension schemes are unfair - and unaffordable because people are living longer.

But the unions say members are being "robbed" and will have to pay more and work longer for lower pensions. - bbc

The elite can afford to let the people go on 24-hour strikes because the people can't afford, for whatever the reason, to do it for longer.  This is a clear message sent by strikers to the elite every time they decide to take a day off and don the regulation placard and constipated expressions. 


Don't they realise that when their so-called 'strike' is short enough, the government will say, "well, it's your democratic right".  But when it is long enough to hurt them, they'll say, "well, you've made your point, now why don't you just move on."  So 24 hours?  What do these silly boys and girls playing at activism think it's going to achieve?  Perhaps, at best, a small concession by the government, can be expected.  But, with every, say, 50% gain after a strike, comes a 50% loss.  In two strikes, that amounts to 100% loss mate.  Some might say that this is a simplistic analysis of these events.  But if people didn't get these simple things wrong, they wouldn't have much wrongs to right.

If Gandhi did this 24-hour thing, so that he could congratulate himself that he’s at least done something, before going back to feeding his goats and messing around with his spinning wheel, the Brits would still be in India - which wouldn’t be a bad thing in my books. 

The elite can afford to let the people go on 24-hour strikes because the people can't afford, for whatever the reason, to do it for longer.Hasn't the British peasantry learnt anything from their experience in the Jewel in the Crown? - India, referred to as such by Benjamin Disraeli? Perhaps not, considering these idiots are still keeping a Queen around whilst begging at her gates. Quite hilarious actually. Tragically so, considering that many are powdering their noses and practicing their curtsies or getting appropriate decor for their humble hovels in preparation for Liz’s so-called ‘Jubilee’ and the Olympics. 

I’d like to see these people doing their demo thing on both these events.  If they’re not prepared to do so, then they’ve just laid the grounds for more demos in the future.



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