singaporedaily censors a2ed again? - beware the OLC

Quite hilariously predictable actually.  These stooges of the SDP, or affiliated with others behind the scenes, first censored this site a couple of years back when i asked them why they were being both sexist and racially biased in their ‘daily chiobu’ section by featuring only yellow-skinned and relatively flat-featured girls.  Thereafter, from linking all articles on the site, they stopped. 

Well, a few weeks back, they again begin linking all articles on this site on a daily basis.  Then, on a Thursday, a2ed posted an article slightly critical of the TOC.  It was just a test as i had predicted that upon my doing so, singaporedaily would not link that article, and thereafter cease to link this site altogether - which is exactly what happened thereafter.

(soliloquy: these 'democratic' chinamen are so predictable in their aversion to contradiction...not too different from the party they bemoan...or their newly arriving cousins;) p.s. by the term 'chinamen' i refer to the 'one way, one culture' way of thinking which contradicts the 'singaporean' way of thinking.  'Singaporean' means a fusion of the best elements of different cultures, and is appreciative of difference in a racial and cultural sense.  Hence, if that was the true condition of singapore or the singaporean identity today, we would not see aversion to difference to the degree that we see it in all aspects of life in unofficial and chinese-favouring name changing of singapore as seen here.  You won't see the chinese complaining about that. Anyway, if you're not chinese, that doesn't mean you aren't a chinamen.  So don't smirk at them.  I've met many Indians in recent years whom are chinamen in perspective, just as i met many chinese in the 70s whom weren't chinamen.  It's a matter of perspective, not race.)

I had previously speculated in an article that TR, TOC, and SDP were linked.  Well, you have the GLCs in singapore (government linked corporation) don’t you.  So what’s wrong with an OLC right;) (opposition linked corporation, or any other word you might think of substituting corporation with beginning with the letter ‘C’).

The problem with a behind-the-scenes OLC is that it takes away true choice and alternatives from the people as they get together behind-the-scenes, divide the work, and put together a mutually agreed agenda, whilst putting forth the illusion of true choice or difference in oppositional perspective.The problem with a behind-the-scenes OLC is that it takes away true choice and alternatives from the people as they get together behind-the-scenes, divide the work, and put together a mutually agreed agenda, whilst putting forth the illusion of true choice or difference in oppositional perspective.

For instance, the TOC and TR might divide their work whilst agreeing with each other.  The former talks about singaporean chinese interests, or mainly that which affects the interests of chinese-centric ‘we are majority whats!’, whilst the latter attacks the new foreigners.  That way, the idea of democracy is fused with fascism via their separate work for the ‘interests of the majority‘ or so-called ‘native-borns’.  Additionally, they would be able to get together to ensure that those whom check on the so-called opposition, are also marginalised or ostracized or simply censored.   

So go think. 



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  1. Well ed, it seems the Singaporedaily is linking you again.  Nice to see you here again.

  2.  Hi SooJenn,

    Actually, it doesn't matter to me if SGdaily links this site or not.  It's the principle that matters. 

    And anyway, the traffic that comes from SGdaily appears to be of little value intellectually and empathetically given the absence of comment that builds upon or questions the arguments put forth - parallels life out there in the intellectual and creative desert that is the XINgapore of today. 

    This site doesn't exist to provide light entertainment or superficial readings.  They can go to the other sg blogs for that, and hence find it easier to comment and maintain the illusion that they are intelligent people;)  All that matters is the truth be put out there despite the near-sightedness of its observers. 

    If we aren't willing to think beyond the familiar, all we are doing is seeking entertainment and a validation of our thus superficial and self-interested perspectives.  I don't have time for such idiots, unfortunately.

    Nice to 'see' you too Soojenn.  I've always been here.  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it.  It still falls;)

  3. Hi Ed, it is so ‘coincidental’ that the SG Daily has linked this article to their site. What? Just to show that they are not censoring you? Your site is not to provide ‘entertainment’ to others. I believe we can learn a lot from your experience, analysis and perspectives. Only those who are open-minded, constantly challenging the status quo and focus on the issues and root causes will benefit from your wisdom and perspective. You have my support! Keep it up.

  4. I still remember our conversations regarding SGdaily censorship on your site couple of years ago. How they used to link your articles till you highlighted their racist and sexist ‘daily chiobu’ section (which was based on indisputable facts). I support your speculation on the ‘OLC’ and the issues with them. Their existence has created false illusions that there are different oppositional perspectives but if you analyse deeper, you will find they are actually fused with Fascism and Xenophobia.Personally, I don’t think you are missing much even if they link your articles to their site. As I have witnessed, it’s pointless having a high traffic coming from SGdaily to your site if there is absence of comment which is a key indicator of the their intellect. Your site is definitely not for entertainment.I do find SGdaily linking this article to their site too contrived, to a point that it is almost hilarious.

  5. Hi ed, many hidden agenda out there. If the govt has the mainstream media, opposition parties will try to worm their way online and find so called 'neutral' parties to be their stooges. Bad for real independent websites like yours. A journalist friend who was attending the SDP May Day rally at Hong Lim actually heard SDP Jufrie Mahmood say out loud gleefully that TOC has been taken over by SDP. Sad but true.  

  6.  Hoho!  Good that some amongst the mindless masses of xingapore can appreciate this point.  Good on you Jenni. 

    And thanks, certainly, for the info on what Jufrie said about the TOC.  Looks like what i said a year or so ago turned out to be true.  Well, 'real independent websites' like mine are going to pass into singapore's history.  Not enough are able to think independently, non-self-interestedly, or objectively.  And if there are, they aren't starting websites as they are thinking nobody will bother.  Not far from the truth, that.  Thanks for your views Jenni.


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