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Save the Children = Enrich Apple

source: bbc

The truth about these so-called 'charitable' organisations is that they appeal to us to 'save the children' so that Apple, amongst other Corporations, can continue amassing the huge amounts of wealth that they do; acquire more resources; be in a position to control and manipulate our evolution; and amass even more wealth.  We are, hence, basically subsidising them out of their responsibilities.  And this includes all those 'stars' and 'celebs' of the entertainment and sporting variants whom are laughing their way to the bank with millions for their efforts.

What we need to do here is not to evict the Devil, but to extinguish the flames of greed that are currently serving as the beacons guiding global human evolution. They, after all, are holding our resources.  But the trick is, they lead us to think that these resources are rightly theirs.  Hence, they can move on to enlist these charitable organisations to fork out even more to undo the plight of children, dogs, donkeys, etc, globally.  They may not actually reach out to these organisations to do this, but helping them shirk their responsibilities is indubitably their function.  We can say, with confidence, that these ‘charitable‘ organisations are a part of the problem, not in creating them, but in lengthening them.  With the amount of resources amassed by Apple alone, this problem in Niger and other parts of Africa could probably be resolved in a week. 

How much resources are being squandered producing sub-quality goods so that people will sleep at the doors of shops awaiting the next ‘upgrade’?  How much wealth is extracted from the people by this, in addition to the wealth that is extracted by unnecessary add-ons like iCloud, or adapters to use thumbdrives and memory cards, or substandard products purposely made as such so that we’d need to spend more money ‘upgrading’ continuously.  What a lot of nonsense.

Another thing is, when we finally fork out enough to 'save the children', amongst others, these corporations will be able to move in and exploit them with minimal educational/living costs. 

The truth is, you can't do good in Hell without making the Devil even stronger.  What we need to do here is not to evict the Devil, but to extinguish the flames of greed that are currently serving as the beacons guiding global human evolution.



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