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music: the 2nd Coming, [by eds Backalley Band]



  1. Hi Ed, this music composition is fantastic. I absolutely love it! It is hypnotic and it draws you into its world. I especially love the solo electric guitar drumming towards the last four minutes of the music. What follows after the solo guitar drumming is my most favourite part. It feels almost divine, like the 2nd Coming. Very apt music title J Keep your composition and creativity juice flowing. Looking forward to your next music composition. Cheers.

  2. Stunning!

  3. Coming from an accomplished musician and composer such as yourself, that is a compliment i certainly take to heart. Thanks Dave.

  4. Thanks John.

    It is by pure the point that I feel that the tune isn't mine but that which is already there in the spiritual realm, and which i appreciated and solidified in this piece. I'm but the messenger, or, you could also say, that i'm just the simple sculptor who dusts off those particles required to bring out form that is already there.

    Hence, i'm not the composer, but the transcriber of this piece.


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