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Google's 'Drive' in its drive for profits

Google expanded the digital world of cloud computing on Tuesday, announcing the rollout of "Google Drive."

The service, which will give users 5GB of free remote storage and additional space for a monthly fee, puts the Web giant in competition with Apple and Microsoft, as well as specialized services like Box and Dropbox, in a space that increasingly looks like the future of computing.

"This is really just the next step in the evolution of Google Cloud," Scott Johnston, group product manager for Google Drive, told CNN. "It's really letting people live more in the cloud by connecting them more easily with all the devices they have." - cnn

The technology for 'seamless sharing' between devices without this cloud nonsense is going to take a backseat. I don't see why most of us need this cloud thing if we can sync all our devices with a simple press of the button of any one of our devices upon entering our homes or the locality wherein our other devices are kept.

Additionally, as a choice, cloud storage space could come in handy for some, just to store info on till we can update another device when we are at that locality. It can just serve as a temporary transit point like a cache on a CPU or a memory buffer.  Hence, we wouldn’t need to upgrade to increased and paid storage space. 

the ones who get pissed off with this whole thing are those whom are still capable of counterfactual thinking beyond the conventional norm, and appreciate that there is such a thing as 'fair and just' despite what is 'familiar and fashionable'.For permanent storage, we can get a terabyte of hard-drive storage for much less. And it is always accessible whether or not there is an Internet connection.  Pushing this cloud nonsense is just greedy profiteering by the fat cats who are slowly eradicating choice in favour of greater profits.  It’s alright to put it forth as a choice.  But the way things are going, all cheaper and equally efficient alternatives are gradually being eradicated, i.e, my oft-complained about, ‘absence of memory card slot in the ipad’, or the memory card not being able to be used as storage expansion’.  I think you can call this 'techsploitation' - that is, the eradication or delay of alternatives in favour of that which engenders greater profits despite it being not as efficient. (author's definition)

Basically, we are all being totally screwed here.  This is nothing short of piracy on the side of the corporation.  But of course, so long as we buy into their definition of piracy, we aren't going to think them equally or worse than those they allege to be guilty of intellectually improprietous behaviour.

But the ones who get pissed off with this whole thing are those whom are still capable of counterfactual thinking beyond the conventional norm, and appreciate that there is such a thing as 'fair and just' despite what is 'familiar and fashionable'.  Thanks to the unthinking and gullible fanboys and girls whom are increasingly outnumbering the cogitating sector of the human populace.



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