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on Singapore's and TOC's 'stand' on genocide in Sri Lanka

“Dear Minister and Permanent Representative to UN

As concerned Singaporeans who are keen to see Singapore maintain her good standing in the international community, we request the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to weigh in on the recent allegations levied against the Sri Lankan government for war crimes against humanity, allegedly carried out at the close of the conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam in 2009.

As such, we sincerely request that the Singapore Government join international efforts.... - source

What a sweet statement.  Just the sort to be ignored by those with a proven record of not bothering about anything unless it is motivated by a badly-hidden agenda.  Oppressors, my dear boys and girls, are never moved by the humble pleadings of their subjects.  That, to the former, serves as proof that the latter are not ready to rule themselves.


This 'imperial kow-towing mandarin' approach in 'requesting', 'urging', ‘imploring’ and other equivalents simply serve as proof of a lack of conviction.  Those blokes asking the singapore government to 'stand up' and speak against atrocities, and in this case, against Tamils in Sri Lanka should get off their knees and say it with conviction and gusto. 

Well, another reason why the Singapore government might not have much to say about this issue is that singapore, being converted from a Malay, then a multicultural, and finally to a Chinese state - which , if one was to be objective and honest, could not be achieved without the self-absorbed and apathetic acquiescence of the chinese population and opposition - has joined itself to China at the hip.  And given that China significantly funded the Sinhalese movement against the Tamils, to really pursue this issue might show up China for the great fascist evil that it is, and make the wiser amongst us look askance at singapore ‘chinesification’.

Thirdly, the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the plight of Tamils (and Malays) in singapore is only different in terms of the methods used to cast them into oblivion - oppression, discrimination, popular apathy, murder vs discrimination, fragmentation, reduction in number, institutionalised racism, popular apathy.  In that, singapore, or rather Xingapore (ref. is no different.  I wonder how much this team of TOC signatories to the statement appreciate that point, or have anything significant to say about it.



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