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music: Dave Paul's, 'Every Christian Hearted Man Will Show You' a steel tank

The above song, by the Bee Gees, was done in, if i'm not mistaken, in 1979 - when ed was 10, and which is when i first heard it...and it made a big impression on me back then, as it still does now.  It was the Bee Gees 'psychedelic' phase - psychedelic meaning, going beyond conventions and usual structures of music and lyrics, and seeking new realms of thought and spirituality.  They made up the rules according to the experience they encountered in the realm beyond.  

The Doors, The Beatles (psychedelic albums like 'Magical Mystery Tour'), Pink Floyd (More), Iron Butterfly (In-a-Gadda-da-vida), Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars), Led Zeppelin (check out 'Dazed and Confused' from 'The Song Remains the Same' Dvd), Ravi Shankar, amongst quite a few others gave the centre finger to the establishment and went 'out there' to see what could be done.  It didn't deliver instant gratification as do the 'music' of these days which mainly cater to the thus-superficialised mind.  

Well, the bad thing about psychedelic music was that it promoted true individualistic thought. at an abstract level, and had a dynamic and dialectical impact on philosophical and political thought amongst the masses as well - i.e. socialist movements in west, the 'hippie' movement, the arts, philosophy, etc.  So the establishment got together and, via the kids, begin promoting the superficial crap that has become mainfare today.  The 'Hippie' is dead.  Long live the Hippie.

'Retro' music may not be from your past, but that doesn't mean it can't make more of your present
It's rare that i encounter the psychedelic spirit these days anyway, or in anybody.  Hence, i was thus inspired to say more than a decade ago, 'when the 60s and 70s passed away, it's spirit was reincarnated within myself.  Well, its good to see the spirit very much alive in these few minutes in the video in the guise of 'Dave'.   As for music that is before our time, i say, 'It may not be from your past, but that doesn't mean it can't make more of your present'.

ed's comments at Youtube:

I went inside a 1/2 million gallon steel tank with a guitar, flashlight, and digital camera to check out the sound. There are no electronic effects used here... totally unplugged. Never could quite understand what the real lyrics were so this is my own interpretation... Enjoy, Dave

Fu***n Far Out man! Though your guitar kind of drowns out your voice later, still being able to hear it in the background, along with all those environmental effects makes it seem like a voice calling out from far beyond our time in the past and future. Love it. You should record it with some audio equipment and stick it up on soundcloud or something. More songs please.

1/2 million gallon steel tank added to equipment list.
anything less would show a lack of commitment to THE SOUND.

@ fishingrhod: It's not just the 'sound' man. It's the spirit resonating from his voice and expression that adds an extra 1/2 million gallons to the tank.



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