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If the Ipad 3 has a memory card slot...

On the one hand, i said some time ago that the reason why Apple opted to exclude the memory card slot is to make people more dependent for a paid-for subscription for their icloud service - that enables them to store their digital files online on Apple’s site. 

Secondly, not having a memory card slot enables Apple to produce iPads with different amount of space so as to justify a higher price for those with more space which would be more expensive if one could just simply stick in a memory card.  Of course one could get attachments to use memory card slots with the ipad, but that would still mean more profit for Apple as attachments don’t come free.  And Apple would know that many people, being more convenience-dependent, would opt for the icloud, or higher-priced and higher-spaced ipad models.

So does that mean that Apple would not include a memory card slot in the iPads ever?  No.  I don’t think so.  I think that Apple could very well stick in a memory card slot in the future, and perhaps with the ipad 3.  Why?

Well, first they needed to exclude the memory card slot/USB slot so that people might just opt for higher-spaced ipads or icloud or both.  This sets these products as legitimate and useful as opposed to avenues by which people pay to get around the absence of said slots.  Once they train people to get used to such convenience and ‘trendy’ models and services, then they can introduce the memory card slot/USB slot without too much loss of profits.  When innovations are delayed, it is sometimes done so for the purpose of innovating and tweaking human nature so that what people could have done without today, they will learn to need tomorrow. (i.e. higher spaced ipads and icloud, amongst others). 

When innovations are delayed, it is sometimes done so for the purpose of innovating and tweaking human nature so that what people could have done without today, they will learn to need tomorrow.Secondly, they can also rake in great profits from those who’ve been hoping for memory card slots/USB slots, but whom still have purchased previous ipad models.  These people will be going in droves to purchase the new ipad with all slots included, and dumping their old ipads as well.  More profits.

Well, the hype is picking up.  People all over the consumeristic world are waiting with bated breath and counting down the days for the next ipad as if it was the Second Coming.  And precious few are condemning Apple for having excluded it in the first place.  They are just crossing their fingers, and perhaps themselves, and hoping that things will be as they desire.  If Apple delivers, they will be singing praises and hallelujahs.  Few will think, ‘f*cking profiteering bast*ards....why wait so long!’  They will be queuing up at all Apple outlets the night before in the hope of being transfigured in the shine and sheen of the next model and Apple’s oversights will be forgiven, if noticed with arms akimbo in the first place.  Dumb gits. (at least the ed held off buying the ipad on principle.)

Well.  Jobs certainly was a ‘visionary’ wasn’t he.  They used to reserve such terms for the likes of Malcolm X, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, amongst others.  But now, a profiteering git gets the term, and tribute from the president of the ‘greatest nation on earth’, which also sees itself as the ‘champion of capitalism’.  Well, every church, even those of the mephistophelean variety, needs its saints don’t they.  Suppose Steve Jobs fits the bill.



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