Hong Kongers getting stupidly xenophobic about Mainlanders

A group of Hong Kong residents have placed an advertisement in a popular tabloid calling people from mainland China ''locusts''.

The full-page advertisement in Apple Daily was funded by donations from a web-based group.
The term is an insult commonly used on the web by some of the city's residents to refer to mainlanders.

It comes as tensions escalate in Hong Kong over China's increasing influence and the influx of mainland visitors.

The advert, which warned of possible social conflict, contained lines such as "Hong Kongers have had enough!" and "This city is dying, you know?".

The donors, who raised more than HK$100,000 ($13,000, £8,200) for the advertisement in less than a week, also called for the government to stop the ''unlimited infiltration'' of mainlanders.

"Why are mainland mothers flooding in to take up resources in public hospitals, getting our benefits and social welfare?'' one of the organisers of the campaign told the South China Morning Post newspaper.

''Why do mainlanders... refuse to follow our rules and order? We can't accept that," said the man, who used the alias ''Yung Jhon......

The ''locusts'' advertisement follows recent controversial remarks made by Peking University professor Kong Qingdong.

He called Hong Kongers "bastards" and "running dogs of the British government" when commenting on an earlier incident in which a mainland Chinese girl was reportedly told off by locals for eating on a Hong Kong train." - bbc

Hmm...the above news is reminiscent of so-called ‘native-born’ singaporean approach toward foreigners isn’t it. 

Poor, poor Chinese mainlanders.  They, seeking a better life, go on to Hong Kong to give birth or work, and get treated like 2nd class citizens.  I didn’t see the Hong Kongers distancing themselves from the glories of the China-held olympics not too long ago, so why this ‘us vs. them’ approach toward their brethren across the border?  When the mainland plate is full, the Hong Kongers indulge.  When it is the inverse, the mainlanders are called ‘locusts’.  For goodness sakes.

Resources can’t be considered ‘scarce’ until there is an equal division of the fruits of everyone’s labour Those Hong Kongers whom are part of this 'anti-locust' movement should shut up, sit down, and ask if there are truly any significant differences between them and their mainland brethren.  Don’t they realise that being xenophobic is one of the key factors that unites them - given China’s relatively sheltered history and their being trained to shun difference in favour of traditonal looks/cultures/cuisine/language/etc.  

As for the poor Chinese girl who was told off for eating in the train, Hong Kongers should realise that the reason why there is a proscription on conspicuous consumption on trains is not because it is a bad thing in itself, but because Hong Kongers can’t be relied on to keep the trains clean if they are allowed to do so.  Why assume the worst in people without attempting to bring out the best in people?  Not surprisingly, singapore, another unfortunately multicultural-turned-confucian state, shares the same perspective.  Think we need more multiculturalism in this region, and with a healthy influx of anglo-indians (culturally speaking, not racially) as well.


When you look at the picture of the woman with the poster in the picture - look closely - you’ll see, ‘Safeguard Scarce Public Resources ≠ (is not equal to) Discrimination.  In other words, they are saying that they are just focused on keeping scarce public resources for the Hong Kongers, and not necessarily because they don’t like Chinese mainlanders.  It is supposed to be a ‘pragmatic’ thing, not a xenophobic one.

We can’t afford to feed you because we need to feed our rich”, is what they are basically saying.In essence, what these silly people are attempting to do is to maintain their upper classes, and hence, aren’t able to afford the influx of Chinese mainlanders.  Resources can’t be considered ‘scarce’ until there is an equal division of the fruits of everyone’s labour (take that as another one of ‘ed’s laws’).  Till this is true, all fuss created over the influx of mainlanders, or ‘foreigners’ in singapore, is nothing but an attempt, albeit unwitting, to maintain the inequitable status quo which have become accustomed to and developed ways of coping with - and which is hidden behind the sacrosanct term of ‘culture’.  So you could say, as far as the scarcity of resources go, that these Hong Kongers whom are against the influx of Chinese mainlanders, are against their because they’d rather reserve their resources for Jackie Chan, other silly ‘celebs’, their capitalists, and leaders.  “We can’t afford to feed you because we need to feed our rich”, is what they are basically saying.  Silly people.



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