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music: The (truly) Golden Voice of Demis Roussos

(ed's comment, as posted and published in, The Golden Voice of Demis Roussos)

Considering my style and age (i'm an 80s bloke...and still am), people might wonder why i listen to Demis.  To them, i'd say, "i don't listen to Demis, i feel with him.  If it's good, it's good".

I'd describe Demis' voice, and fluctuating and passionate style of singing as nothing short of 'Heavenly'.  The selection in this album is fantastic, or 'passionately soulful' to be more accurate.  Every song take you on a journey to various and profound aspects of passion, love, and joy, and in effect brings you to greater heights with each song. 

If i was a priest in the confessional, i'd recommend this over other traditional forms of penance;)The fantastic thing about the 70s is that music wasn't american-centred, and hence, the world got to enjoy musical perspectives and passion from a variety of climes.  Hence, that makes it one of the best of times, and Demis, one of the best musicians/singers of a pretty much celestial category.  I actually have the record/vinyl which is a few decades old, but not having access to a turntable, yet, i was thrilled to find the identical album in CD form - and which all the more makes me want to get a turntable soon (nothing beats the vinyl, scratchs, pops, clicks, and all)

If i was a priest in the confessional, i'd recommend this over other traditional forms of penance;)



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