product review: Rido R-Lt bicycle saddle

The Rido R-Lt saddle sure is efficient in design, and sleek and stylish in design, but, unfortunately, it is certainly not really for MTB use despite what the manufacturers have to say about it being for 'serious mountain biking' as well. 

Perhaps they assume that 'serious mountain bikers' won't be sitting most of the time, or have had their butts numbed from all the bumping that they might be accustomed to, to the point that they wouldn’t notice that the Rido R-Lt basically has two pretty sharp points sticking into your sit bones - and hence putting you at risk of having an unwanted anal intrusion if you were to shift left or right. 

I tested out this saddle and found that it was certainly a comfortable saddle - whenever i leaned forward and downward as if on a racer (people call racers, ‘road bikes’, these days...don’t know why.  Didn’t the old term work?)

In a personal email (see below), they said that it can be used for MTBs, but perhaps they meant, 'so long as you're not sitting in an upright position'.  In another part of the Rido website, it is stated quite clearly that it is designed for the 'aero position'.  Nice little contradiction.  I suppose it could be used on an MTB if i was to replace the MTB handlebar with a racer handlebar, or my slim butt with an amply filled one.  Waste of time, and money in terms of the postage cost for sending it back.  Gave me a right royal butt-ache for a day as well.

the contradiction [click for larger view]
image on the left source
grey image on the right from Rido PDF here

email exchange between Rido and the ed,


I'm thinking of purchasing the Rido RLt for my boardman MTB.  Would it be suitable?

Thank you,



Hi Ed. Thanks for your enquiry.

If you're looking for a firm, slender, lightweight saddle that will give you lift off the perineum, enable you to apply more power through the cranks when sitting, give you good saddle location, whilst at the same time allowing you to slide off the back with ease, then the RLt is the saddle for you..

If you want something more 'cushy', chunky and wider then the R2 is the one.

All the best,

Rido Sport

(if you noticed, the bloke didn’t answer the question)


Hi xyz,

Thanks for your reply.  The reason why i had my doubts was because it is said at your site that it is made for those whom are adopting the 'aero-position' on their bikes.  Hence, i thought it was unsuitable for mountain bikes.  I'll take it, from your reply, that it is suitable for MTBs as well then.

Thanks again,



Yes, that's fine.

Rido Sport


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