ed's on 'Sabbatical'

I'm on a sort of 'sabbatical' at present.  Leaving behind singaporean affairs and moving on to other matters.

I've always thought that focusing on the aforementioned affairs tends to dumb one down after a bit as it does not provide enough problems and perspectives which can enable the maximal development of one's perspectival potential.  Well, if you focus your intelligence and potentials on to fixing children’s rattles, you’re never going to explore greater realms of inquiry are you.

Well, from hereon, it’s on to that which strains the brain beyond the fetters of the familiar and relatively superficial.  This site will still continue to bang on about British affairs though, as it’s problems are of a more spectral variety,  whilst focusing on general socio-cultural-philosophical affairs that has dogged the interest of the greatest minds in human history....along with continuing my interest in art, photography, music composition, and most recently, building a homemade high-lumens bicycle light;)

It's a 'calling' i suppose.  If you feel inclined to go beyond the familiar and popular, it's your destiny to do so.



  1. Good for you, Ed! It's a brilliant move to focus your intelligence on exploring greater realms elsewhere than fixing children's rattle. Importantly, you have already provided great insights to the evolution of singapore from a Malay nation to a Chinese nation which was carefully orchestrated by pap with the promotion of chinese cultures, elevation of the chinese race over others, the removal of multiculturalism, et cetera, et cetera. Though you have provided the education, it doesn't mean the people are educated.

    Your latest pursuit sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing your experience on building a homemade high-lumens bicycle light.

    Keep well!

  2.  Hi John,

    Well, at least i can remain blameless in the events that have unfolded in singapore.  S/he who keeps silent in the face of evil, is complicit in it.  Anyway, the X-files goes, 'The Truth is out There'.  To add, 'The Truth can only be Out There if someone puts it there.'  To her/him who knows, lies the responsibility in doing so.  Job's done.  Time to move on to other issues, lest our fixation on the aforementioned keeps our potentials from growing through other experiences and issues. 

    Yup.  I'll certainly put up my experiences on the 'home-made high lumens bike light'.  See how it goes.  It's going to be interesting considering i have bugger all experience in this kind of thing;)

    Keep well too:)



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